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Health Benefits of Scallion for your body

A scallion is one of various Allium species, all of which have hollow green leaves, but which lack a fully developed root bulb. It has a relatively mild onion flavour, and is used as a vegetable, either raw or cooked.

Here are some Health Benefits of Scallion for your body

Source of iron
Iron content in the leeks well to maintain healthy red blood cells, improve the health of hemoglobin, and is able to strengthen the tissue cells in the body.

Have a good fiber content
The high fiber content in the leek is good for your digestive health. Fiber is also good to prevent you from the risk of constipation.

High in potassium
Who would have thought that the leeks are also high in potassium? Potassium is useful to regulate the body’s fluid levels, reduce heart problems, and prevent muscle cramps.

Good for heart health
A compound called cycloaliin found in leeks to shield your heart from various diseases. This compound also serves to thin the blood and reduce the risk of atherosclerotic disease.

Being able to boost the immune system
Chives are often added in soups helpful to boost the immune system and prevent your body from colds, fever, and flu.

low calorie
Chives is including types of vegetables, so the leeks low in calories.

High in anti-oxidants
Leeks have an anti-oxidant called quercetin and good kemferfol good for healthy skin and overall body.

Anti-diabetic properties
Leeks contain phyto-chemicals that allium and allyl disulfide which has anti-diabetic properties. This substance helps prevent degradation of insulin in the body and improve glucose metabolism.

Both are used to treat intestinal worms
If your baby suffers from intestinal worms, do not hesitate to give reasons leek leek can be used to treat intestinal worms.

Able to treat infections
Leeks have antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-virus so good to treat infections and wounds in the body.

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