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Health Benefits of Rambai or Rambi Fruit for Your body

What areThe Health Benefits of Rambai Fruits (Baccaurea motleyana) for Your Body

Baccaurea motleyana is a species of fruit tree which grows wild in parts of Southeast Asia and is cultivated for its fruit in Thailand and Peninsular Malaysia. Its common names include rambai and rambi, and in Thai language mafai-farang. This is a tree generally growing to 9 to 12 meters in height with a short trunk and a broad crown. The evergreen leaves are shiny green on the upper surface and greenish-brown and hairy underneath. Each leaf is up to 33 centimeters long and 15 wide. The species is dioecious, with male and female flowers growing on separate individuals. Both types of flowers are fragrant and have yellow sepals. The staminate racemes are up to 15 centimeters long and the pistillate inflorescences may reach 75 centimeters in length. The fruits are each 2 to 5 centimeters long and about two wide and grow in strands. Each fruit has velvety pinkish, yellow, or brown skin which wrinkles at ripening and is filled with whitish pulp containing 3 to 5 seeds. The pulp is sweet to acid in taste. They may be eaten raw or cooked or made into jam or wine. The tree is also used for shade and low-quality wood.

Health Benefits of Rambai or Rambi Fruit :

Here are some Health Benefits of Rambai Fruits (Baccaurea motleyana) for Your Body

As a substitute for sour seasoning
The fruit is in the Pacific Islands region used as a mixture to cook fish. Sweet taste mixed with the fresh taste of acid in these fruits can be used as a substitute for sour fruit.

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Made into sweets
Fruit preserves Rambai very suitable because the texture is soft and sweet and sour taste. The trick is to boil the meat until cooked fruit Rambai then soaked with sugar water. If stored in the refrigerator sweets can hold up to several weeks.

to jam
Sweet and sour taste that makes this fruit would make a jam like strawberry jam or blueberry jam. You do this simply by smoothing the flesh of this fruit in a blender, if you want more practical, then heated up to become a delicious jam. You can also mix sugar or honey to taste and add one to two tablespoons of lemon juice to taste more delicious jam.

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