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Health Benefits of Noni (Cheese) fruit For Beauty Face skin

What The Noni Fruit ?

The fruit of a shrub called the noni plant (Morinda citrifolia) has been part of herbal medicine for thousands of years. Native to the Polynesian Islands, Southeast Asia and Australia, noni produces a small, greenish-yellow, bumpy-surfaced fruit. You can use noni fruit in several ways, including pressing it into a juice or consuming it in supplement form. Noni flesh contains several compounds with possible health benefits, but you should discuss these with your doctor to decide if consuming noni might be helpful for your situation.

Here are some Health Benefits of Noni (Cheese) fruit For Beauty Face skin :

1. Can moisturize the skin

For those who have problems with dry skin, Manggu fruit can be used as a solution to overcome this problem. Manggu in fruit contains nutrients that are essential to the skin such as vitamin A, C, and vitamin E.

How to use noni to overcome the problem of dry skin are:

First we prepare noni fruit to taste, then mash until smooth then spread throughout the skin or dry skin. Let stand for a while, then wash with warm water until the skin is completely clean. Make skin care until the skin look moist and smooth.

2. Can eliminate acne

Noni fruit can also be beneficial to cure acne, it is an extremely powerful way to overcome the problem of acne because it contains substances that are very effective against the bacteria that causes acne. Doing acne skin care with noni fruit can be deadly acne within a fairly short time and at the same time able to eliminate signs of acne scars.

3. Can smooth the skin

Having a smooth and glowing skin is the dream of every person, especially women who are always concerned about his appearance. To make skin smooth and radiant, you can do the treatment with noni fruit.

For how to use Noni fruit you can read and follow step by step on this page

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