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Health Benefits of Matoa Fruit for Beauty and your body

What are the Health Benefits of Matoa Fruit (Pometia pinnata) for Beauty and your body

Pometia pinnata is a large tropical hardwood and fruit tree species, with common names including matoa, taun tree, island lychee, tava, and of the plant family Sapindaceae (maple and lychee family). Naturally widespread, the trees grow through south east Asia, Malesia and the Pacific region.

Health Benefits of Matoa Fruit for Beauty and your body

Here are some Health Benefits of Matoa Fruit for Beauty and your body :

Matoa fruit can cure dysentery
To treat dysentery using matoa fruit, you can utilize the fruit leaves matoa to get the properties. Matoa fruit marinade leaves already believed long ago as a remedy dysentery.

Matoa fruit serves to increase endurance
The benefits and efficacy of the first fruits matoa that can increase endurance. This is because matoa fruits contain vitamin C. Vitamin C will act to ward off free radicals and increase your endurance. If endurance increases, then you will be protected from virus attacks and disease.

Matoa fruit can relieve stress
In fruit matoa contained a substance that can be used as a sedative. One implies that vitamin E can help relieve stress. Consumption of fruit matoa directly with the routine can reduce stress you experience.

Matoa fruit helps reduce the risk of cancer
Matoa fruit contains antioxidants which can prevent the growth of cancer cells derived from carcinogens. Vitamin C in fruit matoa will help enable these antioxidants.

Matoa fruit helps reduce the risk of heart
If you start to hit less healthy diet, you can compensate by eating fruit matoa. The content of vitamin C in fruit matoa can also be useful to help reduce the risk of heart disease.

Matoa fruit nourish skin
Matoa fruit contains vitamin E which is very good for skin health. In addition, the skin will also be more subtle. Some cosmetic products that offer health of the skin, often exhibit the content of vitamin E. If you want a more natural, only the consumption of fruit matoa regularly.

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