Health Benefits of Maca for Women

In this article, we cover the health benefits of maca for women. The potential benefit is numerous, so read on to discover how they can benefit you. Maca is a root crop that was originally raised by the Incas hundreds of years ago and, later on, by the indigenous farmers of Peru. Maca, also known as the Peruvian ginseng, is grown in the high altitude regions of the Andes mountains. It is considered as a superfood that is rich in health-giving vitamins and nutrients. The plant provides natural cures for a variety of ailments and medical conditions. Maca root has been a staple food of the Andean people for many centuries. However, it was just recently that the West learned of the various benefits women may derive from this potent herb. Increasing fertility, bone health, and enhanced energy are just some of the benefits that maca provides for its female user.

Various Health Benefits of Maca for Women

Maca is used by many to improve reproductive health, increase energy, and relieve stress, among other things. Because of its many beneficial effects on health, maca has been touted as a superfood. The nutrients that power maca can give women optimal health. Regular maca use provides a lot of significant benefits for women which can significantly improve their quality of life. While there is inadequate information about the effects of maca on health, the benefits below are supported by professional research data.

Maca enhances the female form

Maca possesses the fascinating effect of supporting the enhancement of the female form. Since maca’s work is to balance hormones, it stabilizes the levels of estrogen, the hormone which can improve the size and shape of the female breast. Maca’s muscle-building properties also increase the size of the buttocks, the largest muscle group in the body. Using black maca and doing plenty of exercises focused on thighs, hips, and buttocks will enable you to reap the most body-shaping benefits.  One thing to consider is breast reduction as an option if your having challenges in this area.

Maca enhances the female sex drive

Farmers in the Peruvian Andes often grazed their livestock in areas where maca root is plentiful. They noticed that the maca-fed farm animals became healthier, more hardy, and mated more frequently compared to other livestock. Women who used maca in safe daily dosages have reported that the most notable effect is the pronounced boost in their sex drive. Red maca contains the highest concentration of phytonutrients which makes it the choice for female libido enhancement.

Maca boosts female fertility

Maca has been used by women for centuries as a way to improve their chances of getting pregnant and bearing a child. This is due to maca’s ability to promote hormonal balance which can result in regular ovulation. The rich nutrient content in maca provide women with the health that they need to ensure fertility. The best maca found to boost female fertility is red maca.

Maca promotes healthier fetal development

Maca is considered safe for expectant mothers to take during their pregnancy. Because of its high nutritional value, it is believed to support the healthy development of the child in the womb. Two teaspoons of maca have triple the amount of calcium found in a glass of milk. What’s more, red and black maca have shown that they can greatly improve bone strength and density. However, consult your pediatrician should any concern arise about using maca during pregnancy.

Maca improves skin tone

Because of its ability to promote hormonal balance, maca creates a favorable impact on female skin tone. The positive effects may include decreasing hormone-triggered acne and promoting better skin elasticity. Cream-colored maca, as well as all maca powders, are known to provide these benefits.

Maca stimulates hair growth

Because of its abundant vitamin and mineral content combined with its ability to balance hormones extremely well, maca is able to stimulate hair growth in women who have issues with hair loss.

Maca reduces the discomfort of menopause

One of maca’s amazing benefits is promoting a healthy balance of hormones. Through hormonal balance, maca does an excellent job of reducing the symptoms and discomfort of menopause which include hot flashes, mood swings, and insomnia. While maca in itself does not contain hormones, it sets the body into action to stabilize the endocrine system. Red Maca is recommended for women who have reached this particular stage in their life. We cover this in greater detail at Maca For Menopause.

Maca promotes bone health

Studies using mice have demonstrated that black and red maca are the most effective in the development and strengthening of bone structure. Similar studies have shown improvement in bone density and firmness.

Maca improves mental capabilities

The essential fatty acids in maca help improve overall brain health. They could be responsible for logical thinking, cognitive enhancement, and balanced analytical skills. Because of these benefits, researchers are looking at maca as a natural alternative to synthetic intelligence-boosting drugs. Maca can improve women’s mental faculties like focus, sharpness, and memory. Women who have a lot of brain work to do such as teachers, programmers, and accountants will benefit greatly by adding maca to their diet. Maca keeps the user’s energy maintained and balanced while it supports their brain in performing various mental tasks.

Maca promotes a healthy thyroid

Because of its ability to keep the hormones balanced, maca has been observed to have a favorable impact on the thyroid’s condition. In addition, maca contains iodine which is required for a healthy thyroid. Individuals who are sensitive to iodine are advised not to take maca.

Maca is a natural energy enhancer

Maca supplies the body with vitamins, protein, fatty acids, and other essential nutrients required for an active life. They improve energy levels and, in cases of injury, promotes faster healing. Because of these properties, maca has been studied for its role in enhancing athletic performance. You don’t have to be an athlete to include maca in your diet. You can also benefit from the extra energy that will enable you to do more without burning out easily.

Maca reduces stress and depression

Maca is an adaptogen. This means that it can help the body cope with stress and certain ailments by sustaining the endocrine system. It governs the hypothalamus gland’s output of cortisol, also referred to as the stress hormone. High levels of cortisol produced during periods of stress are not good for health. Holistic wellness researchers have found that the nutrients found in maca are responsible for relieving certain symptoms linked to stress, anxiety, and depression. With its energizing properties, maca also helps uplift the mood in women to reduce depression.

Maca Dosage and Safety

Basing on the information above, maca could be a welcome addition to your daily diet. Most studies concerning maca, however, provide little information and many of them were conducted using test animals. However, they showed maca root has low toxicity and is more than likely safe to ingest. Most of the studies have used daily dosages ranging from 1500 mg to 3000 mg. Majority of maca supplement producers recommend a daily dose of 450 mg taken with food. No adverse side effects have been noted. But please read about the possible side effects of maca. Adding maca to your diet may provide several health benefits like increased energy, enhanced brain power, and reduced stress. While maca has shown a lot of positive results, there is still the need to collect some more information about it.