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Health Benefits of Langsat or Lanzones Fruit During Pregnancy

What are the Health Benefits of Langsat or Lanzones Fruit During Pregnancy

Lansium parasiticum (syn. Lansium domesticum), also known as langsat or lanzones, is a species of tree in the Mahogany family. The plant, which originates from western Southeast Asia, bears edible fruit. It is the provincial flower for the Indonesian province of South Sumatra.

Health Benefits of Langsat or Lanzones Fruit During Pregnancy :

Langsat fruit benefits for pregnant women in the range of diseases, especially the diseases that usually affect pregnant women as follows.

Can aid the digestive tract
In Langsat fruit contain enough fiber so it is efficacious in overcoming the digestive tract problems such as constipation and bowel obstruction. therefore, if we are healthy digestion hence will be able to avoid the disease are like colon cancer and diseases caused by digestive problems.

Can improve dental health
The content of phosphorus which is owned by Langsat fruit can be beneficial in maintaining healthy teeth and proven in dental health problems such as preventing tooth pain, strengthen teeth and can whiten teeth naturally.

Treat itching due in insect bite
Langsat fruit not only the fruit is beneficial for health, but the rind Langsat also very much benefits. Benefits Langsat rind can be used as a drug used to treat itching due to insect bites, eliminate acne, smoothes the skin and other skin problems. How to treat itching due to insect bites is by way Langsat fruit skin rubbing on skin that itch, then itch is reduced.

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Can treat diarrhea
For those of you who are experiencing diarrhea, it would not hurt if you try to consume fruits Langsat regularly every day until cured. Langsat fruit contains fiber, vitamin C and minerals enough so that the diarrhea will gradually recover.

Can be used as a natural mosquito repellent
Langsat fruit peels are also very effective in preventing mosquito bites, way is to rub the skin rubbing on skin Langsat fruit to be protected. After skin rubbing on skin Langsat fruit, guaranteed mosquitoes would not dare bite.

Can prevent cancer
With antioxidants in fruit Langsat, in trust is very powerful in preventing cancer, because these antioxidant substances could inhibit my growth of cancer cells in the body and destroy it and the waste through the sewer.

Can reduce cholesterol and high blood pressure
By eating the fruit Langsat every day can be beneficial in lowering blood cholesterol levels and high blood pressure that can lead to stroke.

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