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Health Benefits of kaffir lime Leaves For Beauty and your body

What are the Amazing Health Benefits of kaffir lime Leaves For Beauty and your body

The kaffir lime (Citrus hystrix), sometimes referred to in English as the makrut lime (see below) or Mauritius papeda, is a fruit native to tropical Asia including India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines. It is used in Southeast Asian cuisine and the oil from it is used in perfumery.

What is kaffir lime Leaves ?

Kaffir lime leaves are thick, dark green and shiny on the top, porous and pale on the back. A leaf has two connecting leaves which I call β€˜double leaves’. Tear a leaf to smell the distinct aroma. Fresh kaffir lime leaves keep well in a refrigerator for at least 2 weeks. Dried leaves are also available at markets. Many Asian markets now have fresh leaves.

If the recipe calls for kaffir lime leaves and you can’t find any, skip the leaves. Don’t substitute. The fragrance is so distinct that it is irreplaceable.

How to Use Kaffir Lime Leaves

Kaffir lime leaves are too tough to just eat, so they’re either kept large and reserved, or sliced thin. Many Thai recipes call for the kaffir lime leaves. If the leaf is used whole, like in curry or in soup, most people do not eat the leaf itself. To prepare, tear the leaf by holding on to the joint between the two leaves and tear the leaf away. When you eat, you just avoid eating the leaf and move it to the side of your plate or bowl.

The only time the leaf is eaten is when it is sliced very thin for recipes like Tod Mun and Panang. To slice or thread the kaffir leaves, roll up the leaves and slice thinly with a very sharp knife. Check out the 2 pictures on the the right, one was taken in 2000 and another in 2012. See how I’ve improved my slicing skill? It took practice and a better knife.

What are the Health Benefits of kaffir lime Leaves ?

There are several utilities that can be obtained from Kaffir limeleaves. Kaffir lime leaves can be used as follows:

Overcoming fatigue after work or after a severe illness :
You can fix this by making a concoction by boiling kaffir lime leaves are still fresh with three liters of water. Boil until boiling and simmer for 15 minutes. After that mix with cold water until the water is lukewarm. Then you can use the water for bathing.

Influenza medicine :
To treat influenza, you can boil approximately 25 leaves that have been cut with 2 cups of water and leave until the water remaining half cup. After that drink while warm.

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