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Health Benefits of Galangal for your body

What are the Health Benefits of Galangal for your body

Alpinia galanga, (also Languas galanga), a plant in the ginger family, is an herb used in cooking, especially in Indonesian and Thai cuisines. It is one of four plants known as galangal, and is differentiated from the others with the common name greater galangal (or simply Thai galangal). The galangals are also called blue ginger or Thai ginger.

galanga is called laos in Indonesian and is the most common form of galangal used in cooking. It is also known as lengkuas and galanga root. In Manipuri, it is known as kanghu. in Myanmar, it is called pa de kaw.

The plant grows from rhizomes in clumps of stiff stalks up to 2 m in height with abundant long leaves which bear red fruit. It is native to South Asia and Indonesia. It is cultivated in Malaysia, Laos, and Thailand. A. galanga is the galangal used most often in cookery. The robust rhizome has a sharp, sweet taste and smells like a blend of black pepper and pine needles. The red fruit is used in traditional Chinese medicine and has a flavor similar to cardamom.

What are the Health Benefits of Galangal for your body :

Galangal (Alpinia galanga) is a tuber plant species that can live the high land areas and the Lower Mainland. Generally, people use it as a mix of ripe fruit and traditional medicine. Galangal beneficiaries to the cuisine by way of galangal rhizome just dipped into a mixture of cuisines, while for traditional medicine that is widely used is red galangal Alpinia purpurata K Schum.

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Galangal contains galangol, alpine, camphor, galangin, methycinnamate and efficacious anti-bacterial and fungi. Galangal also increase appetite, warm and cleanse the body (detoxification)., Dilute phlegm in cough, and has aphrodisiac properties for couples who have problems with sexual arousal. Meanwhile, the chemical content galangal, namely, galangun, essential oil, eugenol kaempfena and efficacious overcome digestive disorders, such as excessive heartburn, diarrhea, intestinal colic and herfes disease. Galangal consuming way is to slice or grate then his vizier cider squeezed manner or brewed and then drunk.

Here are some Health Benefits of Galangal for your body :

1. bloating
2. Lung
3. Ringworm
4. Eczema
5. Patches of skin and moles
6. Fever with enlargement of the affluent
7. Cleaning after birth (postnatal)
8. Inflammation of the ear
9. Brontokhitis
10. Sign wind
11. Diarrhea
12. Toothache because of the cold wind
13. Strong Medicine (aphrodisiac)

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