List of general medical test to keep a check on your health

In an ideal world, everyone will be healthy and living a perfect life without any issues. But in reality, we live in a constantly changing world, and there are many health issues that people are going through. There is a plethora of diseases that exist and multiple ways of treating an ailment. The world has undergone many changes, and the situations that existed years ago are no longer in effect. Health and well-being are one of the primary concerns for every human being. They can go to any length to stay healthy and increase life expectancy.

People keep an eye on a healthy diet and exercise to keep the diseases at bay and boost their immunity. When we visit a hospital, our doctor refers us to some diagnostic tests to rule out any underlying causes, or sometimes it is only to screen our body functions. Had there been no diagnostic tests, the treatments would be more of a trial and error based. The quality of life that we live in today is only possible due to the advancements in technology and medicine. Diagnostic laboratories have played a vital role in improving the healthcare system and the quality of healthcare services.

The diagnostic laboratories and diagnostic tests have made many revolutionary changes by identifying diseases and discovering treatments. Getting general diagnostic tests done can help you keep your health checked and prevent any severe illness. If you are looking for a laboratory that can assure you accurate results, do your search well and only rely on authentic ones. For instance, you can give Primex labs a try to get the best facilities and accurate reports. Following are the general diagnostic tests that can help you to keep your health in check.

1. Blood Pressure

Our heart pumps our blood and supplies it to the whole body. An elevated blood pressure signifies that the heart is working more than usual, leading to many diseases. Blood pressure is known as the silent killer. In many cases, the symptoms are not evident. One of the easiest ways to observe blood pressure is through blood pressure apparatus. You can find them at your nearest pharmacy and can have it at your home. Checking your blood pressure once a week can let you know about any changes that happen. If you notice an elevated blood pressure more than twice, consult your doctor to get treatment.

2. Blood tests

Our blood can help us identify any underlying diseases by analyzing its count, shape, and other chemicals’ presence. Other than looking for complete blood count, check for blood cholesterol and triglycerides. If they appear to be high, it may be a sign of some underlying heart disease or can lead to heart disease. People over the age of 45 shall check for blood cholesterol every five months to observe any changes. The low or high blood cell count can also point out any infection or anemic condition that can require your doctor’s attention. Check out آزمایش cbc if you want reputable medical professionals to conduct your complete blood count.

3. ECG

Our heart is the major blood-pumping organ. Often, we ignore symptoms that can be a sign of some severe health issues. An ECG can detect changes in our heartbeats, check for its rhythm, and direct us towards more tests if there is a change in the ECG. An ECG can also prevent any significant heart diseases as it can serve as an early screening test. Many clinics provide a world-class health screening service starting with a variety of health screening package singapore to fit your needs and culminating in a comprehensive medical report that explains the results.

4. Mammogram

Breast cancer is one of the foremost leading causes of death in many countries. Females above 35 shall get their breast exam and mammogram every five years. A mammogram is a screening test that checks for any early signs of cancer development. Usually, females are ignorant about their health issues and ignore such a screening test. Many of them visit hospitals to find out that cancer has gone worse.

5. Pelvic exam and Pap smear

Another leading cause of death among females is cervical cancer. Getting your pelvic exam every five years can prevent the development of such situations. The UK alone gets 3000 cases of cervical cases annually. In many countries, females get to know about this cancer when there is no hope left. Females above 35 shall get their screening tests done every 3 to 5 years to follow any cancer signs’ prevention and presence at its earliest.

6. Thyroid tests

The thyroid is a vital gland in the human body that controls hormones, which further regulates metabolism, regulates the iodine levels, and growth and development. One should check for TSH profile every year to check for hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism. The condition gets evident when our body has an excess or deficiency of iodine. Increasing and decreasing TSH levels can predict the possibility of diseases and help us to prevent its onset.

7. Skin exam

A skin exam is crucial as it is the most commonplace for cancers to occur. If you work outdoors and spend most of your day under the sun, you shall schedule your skin exam every year. The sunrays reduce the melanin levels and lead to the development of melanoma. Check for any abnormal moles, marks, or rashes that were not present before and see any significant changes.


Our body has its regular function, but we are unaware of any changes that are going on. Our body has a defense mechanism that fights with the diseases. We only experience symptoms when the body cannot fight it. A simple blood test can reveal many changes that are pointing towards the development of any diseases. If you notice your blood count is low, chances are your body is not producing enough iron, or your oxygen levels are low. Doctors are here to assist us, but if we do not make efforts to keep our health and well-being in check, the doctors cannot do much when there is nothing left or is beyond treatment. Getting general diagnostic tests can help in the prevention of any disease that can become a nuisance.