Guide to Magnolia Bark Extract

Ever since it was discovered as medicine by Chinese herbalists 1,000 years ago, the magnolia tree bark has been used to cure or heal several illnesses occurring in the human body. The magnolia bark extract is said to be effective in reducing plaque in the teeth, and it is also helpful in preventing tooth decay and gingivitis. In addition, according to The Sleep Doctor, which is managed by renowned clinical psychologist Michael J. Breus, PhD., the extract is believed to lower stress and anxiety levels while making those who consume it feel calmer and more relaxed.

However, studies compiled WebMD suggest that there are certain risks in applying or using too much magnolia bark extract in our body. For those who are pregnant, the extract can cause problems to the uterus that can lead to miscarriage. Also, the magnolia bark extract is not supposed to be consumed before surgery, as it can often cause bleeding and slow the clotting of blood.

Like most foods, the magnolia bark extract should be consumed or applied in moderation. Further studies are currently needed to prove its effectiveness and side-effects, but for now, doctors and researchers believe that the magnolia bark extract is safe as long as you don’t use it too much.

Best Products with Magnolia Bark Extract

There are so many ways for people to use magnolia bark extract, and as such, there have been many products that were created in order for the consumers to get plenty of choices of getting its benefits. These are some of the best magnolia bark products you can buy online.

Swanson Magnolia Bark Extract Capsules

The Swanson Magnolia Bark Extract Capsules are herbal supplement that is taken once per day. Each serving of the Swanson capsule contains 400 milligrams of magnolia bark that is crushed repeatedly to turn into powder. The ingredients utilized to make the capsules are brown rice flour and gelatin, but there may be traces of silica and magnesium stearate in the product.

Neurogan Magnolia Bark Extract Capsules

Another capsule product, the Neurogan Magnolia Bark Extract Capsules are vegan supplements that contain 500 milligrams of magnolia bark per serving. Like the Swanson, the Neurogan capsules are supposed to be taken once a day, but the manufacturers suggest that it should be taken 30 minutes before going to bed so that its stress and anxiety-reducing capabilities are in full-effect.

Samsara Herbs Magnolia Bark Extract Powder

From capsules, we are now going to the powder version of the magnolia bark extract. The Samsara Herbs Magnolia Bark Extract Powder can be mixed with tea or can be consumed on its own when it is dissolved in warm water. Per serving, the Samsara Herbs powder has 300 milligrams of magnolia bark, which is a sufficient amount to take per day.

Nutricology Magnolia Bark Extract Capsules

The Nutricology Magnolia Bark Extract is another capsule product, but it only contains 200 milligrams of magnolia bark per serving, which makes it the supplement that has the least amount of extract in a capsule. Nutricology recommends that people who buy their capsules should take it once a night as it can cause drowsiness.

Supersmart Magnolia Bark Extract Capsules

The Supersmart Magnolia Bark Extract contains 60 vegetarian capsules, and each is packed with 300 milligrams of magnolia bark extract. It works well as a stress and anxiety reducer at night, but it shouldn’t be taken during morning and afternoon as it can make you feel sleepy. Be sure to follow daily per day dosing.

Origami Health Calm Crane Vegetarian Capsules

The Origami Health Calm Crane is a dietary supplement that has 180 capsules that are taken at least twice or thrice a day. Since you would need to take two or three capsules, it would make you feel even drowsier compared to other capsule products on the list. The ingredients found in the Calm Crane include ashwagandha root extract, magnolia bark extract, turmeric root extract, sunflower lecithin powder, and broccoli sprout.

BulkSupplements Magnolia Extract Powder

The BulkSupplements Magnolia Extract is another powder product like the Samsara Herbs, but this one is intended to be consumed at 1600 milligrams per serving. With the hefty amount of serving size, the BulkSupplements powder will be able to provide at least 1440 milligrams of magnolia bark extract each day.

NOW Foods Relora Vegetarian Capsules

The NOW Foods Relora Vegetarian Capsules are herbal supplements that contain two plant extracts, and which are magnolia bark and Phellodendron amurense. These plants are said to be effective in calming the mind and reduce tension in the body. Each capsule of the Relora contains 300 milligrams of the magnolia bark and Phellodendron blend. This amount is enough to reduce the consumer’s stress and anxiety.

TerraVita Magnolia Bark Tea

For those who would like to drink the magnolia bark as tea, the TerraVita Magnolia Bark Tea will be able to provide a calming teat for them. The magnolia bark found in the product is crushed to tiny pieces and should be mixed with hot water to bring out its extract. You can add milk or sugar to the tea if you want to be slightly sweeter.

HawaiiPharm Magnolia Liquid Extract

If you don’t want to take capsules or consume powders, then you should go and try the HawaiiPharm Magnolia Liquid Extract, which you can add to warm water, tea, or almost any food or drinks. You can add this to your toothpaste to apply the magnolia bark to your teeth, but you can also take the liquid extract on its own by consuming at least three drops of it a day.

These are just ten excellent products that contain magnolia bark extract. Before purchasing or consuming any of these capsules, powders, or liquid extracts, make sure to consult your doctor if you are doubtful that the magnolia bark is safe for you to consume.