Five Dental Marketing Tips for Dentists to Drive More Patients

The role of digital technologies is becoming increasingly crucial in this millennial age, even in the dental industry. Recent research from Google reported that an increasing number of patients are searching online for their healthcare options. 77% of potential patients are searching on the search engine. 76% of them are researching through the healthcare providers’ websites, whereas 52% of them are researching through sites containing information on general health.

Successful dental offices need to acquire a steady flow of new patients. The dental practice needs to devise a robust digital marketing strategy for lead generation to achieve this goal successfully. Here are five dental marketing tips for dentists to get more new patients into their dental practice.

Tip #1: Enhance local SEO for the dental office

A lot of prospective patients are searching for dental services using search engines, such as Google and Bing, to find dentists near them. Hence, improving the local SEO and online visibility of the physical office is essential to ensure that these patients find the office when they type in the relevant location. Primarily, this digital marketing plan focuses on getting the dental office discovered in the Local Pack of Google.

This strategy does not cost much compared to other marketing strategies. It is also easy to accomplish and maintain. Nevertheless, dentists and their teams may need to pour in considerable effort to get listed on related directories.

Tip #2: Apply geo-targeting in Google ads campaigns

Google ads are a powerful advertising platform for dental offices, mainly due to the simple ads management function that allows advertisers to narrow down their advertising to a particular location and target audience. This marketing strategy increases the chance of showing the right advertisements to the right people at the right moment.

However, to increase the success rate of Google ads campaigns, dentists and their teams need to ensure that they select the best dental marketing keywords to use in the campaigns. Bidding on keywords that have low competition, yet high profitability is a good idea.

Another critical thing to consider boosting the success rate of Google ads campaigns is to include great copywriting that can attract prospective patients. Moreover, having a fully-optimized landing page with compelling call-to-action can boost the process of lead generation.

Tip #3: Use remarketing to bring in interested prospects

Remarketing strategy can be used to grab a hold on interested patients online who may have shown interest in the dental service but never took the final action of booking an appointment. This strategy basically utilizes tags on people who visit the dentistry website, be it through organic SEO, pay-per-click, or other channels.

Tip #4: Produce valuable information through content marketing

Content marketing is an excellent way to get discovered online. Content marketing is all about providing helpful and relevant information that meets the online searchers’ intent or need. Unlike other forms of digital marketing, content marketing may consume more time and effort. Nevertheless, this approach can help the dental website rank better in search engines as well as promote a stronger relationship with prospective patients.

Tip #5: Build relationships with new patients through social media marketing

Social media marketing is an effective strategy to build an online community and stay connected with prospective patients. Some social media platforms also provide paid advertising services to speed up the marketing process, such as Facebook ads.

Marketing is a crucial element in every business, especially when it comes to dental offices, as potential patients often search for dentists near them online. Having a well-planned digital marketing strategy can increase the chances of dental practices getting more quality leads and new patients.