Finding the Best Winter Running Pants for Women

Running is a great pastime as well as excellent exercise, and many women run year-round to keep fit and healthy. However, it can be cold in the winter months, so what are the best winter running pants? There are several factors you need to look for, so we’ve put together a brief guide to finding the right pants for you!

What to Look For

We’ve split the factors to consider into handy list, and you might want to check out this great review of pants to keep warm while running as it has some great suggestions.

Choose for Comfort

Of course you need to feel comfortable when running, and that’s important in the winter as well as the warmer months. For the best in comfort we recommend you choose your size carefully, and if you plan on wearing thermals underneath your pants, maybe go for a size one up from your normal one. A fleece lining is always a good choice for comfortable and warm winter running pants, so check out those that offer this feature.

Looking for Compression?

This is a choice that is very much a personal one; when running, many women wear pants that offer a level of compression. In winter running pants this may not be so effective thanks to them being optimised for warmth. There are some that offer compression, but if those you like do not, you could wear a pair of compression tights underneath.

Check the Length

It may be customary for women to run in cargo pants or perhaps 7/8ths length, but in winter this may not be enough to keep out the cold. You should look for full-length pants for the winter months if you want to be truly warm and comfortable, as they give you the very best coverage.

Consider the Waist

One complaint about winter running pants that is often voiced is that the waist keeps slipping down when running. This is not great, so we recommend you check out customer testimonies when reading reviews as that will give you an idea.

Those are the first few factors that we suggest you consider, and are the practical ones. There are others that might come into the equation, so let’s talk about those in a bit more detail.

Personal Choice

What colour do you like to wear when running? This is one of the personal choices that will certainly influence you, but don’t let it allow you to choose a pair of pants that is not comfortable or warm! If you don’t like the colours on offer do look around, as the sheer choice of pants for winter running is quite comprehensive.

Also, don’t let how they look have too much influence on you. Of course, you want to find pants that look good, but when it comes to winter running, the comfort and warmth are the main priorities with these.

You should consider the quality of the product, too, as running pants are always going to take some wear and tear. The name brands tend to be better quality than any you will find at bargain prices, so it’s worth keeping an eye on the sales when you want to buy new.

The key to winter running pants for women is to find the pair that you are most comfortable in, and that fit correctly, and that keep you warm. Now is the time to start looking for your new pants for the next cold season, so start browsing, check out the review we mentioned, and you’ll soon find the pair that is right for you.