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Fiber Blog Meets its Match

Fiber Blog Meets its MatchNever thought I’d meet a fiber food I didn’t like. But I have.

Orange rinds.

Now, slathered in chocolate – they’re all right, because, like most things you wouldn’t eat by themselves – let’s say, a coffee bean – things are tolerable when dunked in saturated fat and sugar.

But, Bella Viva Orchards’ Pure & Natural Orange Slices: you are no chocolate covered coffee bean!

I was pretty amped when I saw these orange slices on my market shelf recently. (OK, it wasn’t a market. It was an impulse buy in the Marshall’s check out line.)

But, anyway, in 4 slices – 98 calories – there are 8 grams of dietary fiber. That’s pretty impressive considering that in a medium-sized rindless orange you get 70 calories and 3 grams of fiber. According to the USDA, one orange with peel is 100 calories and 7 grams of fiber, so the Bella Viva nutritionals are spot on.

Now, the fiber blog is usually a love fest for all things fiber. But there’s no pull in these peels. Problem is, the dried oranges tasted awful. Well, technically it’s hard to taste something when you’re gagging on the texture….

Regardless, I was flat out surprised how inedible the product was. I am curious to know if anyone from Bella Viva’s Quality Assurance department has actually tasted these crumbly, pasty chunks of compost?

Now, it could be that I bought a bunk batch from America’s favorite brand name and designer fashion for the whole family store. Or it could be payback for all those times I tricked my unsuspecting little brothers into taste testing the melted unsweetened chocolate I was preparing for brownie batter…

But back to the orange peels: just because something is edible, does not necessarily mean it should be eaten. I don’t care HOW much fiber a food has, if you can’t get it down, what’s the point?

I must say however that the dried oranges are gorgeous in appearance. These beauties shall make a lovely addition to my high fiber potpourri bathroom basket. They just don’t belong in my GI tract.

And the worst part? These dried oranges – for a 4 ounce bag – are cheaper online ($3.00) than they were at Marshall’s ($3.99). So maybe the joke really is on me.

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