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Facts about Rambai Everyone Should Know

Rambai growing on a tree

The rambai fruit might not be very well known, especially to the younger generations today. This fruit is known for growing in the wild within Southeast Asia, especially Indonesia. It’s one of the most beneficial exotic fruits we can get from this country, as it’s also cultivated and sold commercially there.

Rambai is also known by several other names, with different countries giving it different labels. Depending on where it’s found, rambai might be called rambu, lotkon, mafia-farang, leteku, and bubbi. The appearance and nutrient content of the fruit might also vary slightly from region to region, but the health benefits remain more or less the same.

Since this fruit still isn’t very common or well-known, let’s have a look at some facts about it. This information will help us decide whether we should try out this fruit on our next trip to the farmer’s market or grocery store:

Appearance and Taste of Rambai

The inside of the rambai fruit

Rambai fruits are usually quite small, ranging from two to five centimeters long at full maturity. They’re also around two centimeters wide. Their growth is in the form of a strand, and their velvety skin could be brown, pinkish, or yellowish in color. When the fruit is completely ripe, the skin gets a little wrinkly.

When you open up a rambai, you’d see a very thick rind and some whitish pulp. There will also be three to five large, smooth seeds inside. The pulp might vary in flavor, with some of the fruits being sweet and others being quite tart, even acidic in taste.

The Nutritional Value of Rambai

The Nutritional Value of Rambai

This fruit might seem very small, but it provides a nice boost of vitamin C, potassium, calcium, vitamin B2, magnesium, and phosphorus for our body. Including this fruit as part of our daily diet might help us overcome deficiencies in these categories. However, it’s still not recommended that we eat too much of this fruit, as is the case with any edible item.

How to Eat Rambai


It’s possible to eat the pulp of the rambai fruit in its raw form. If you want to preserve it or make the taste a little sweet, it’s possible to turn the pulp into jam.

We can also boil the fruit and sauté it for a different experience. It’s quite easy to peel, after which we can suck out the flesh and throw the seed away. One different way to consume rambai is to mix it in with a shrimp paste called ulam. Those who enjoy rambai will also love it in a smoothie, as a pickled fruit, an addition to stews, or cooked with sugar and made into preserves.

We can also eat the skin of this fruit, though it’s usually dried and powdered for use as a substitute for turmeric. If you’re looking for pairing choices with this fruit, try it with shrimp, fish, chilies, lemongrass, coconut milk, and all types of poultry.

Can Help Solve Dehydration

Can Help Solve Dehydration

When we sweat a lot, our body stands at risk of becoming dehydrated. Since rambai has a high water content, it’s quite effective in helping one overcome dehydration. You’ll get a refreshing experience as well as all the good nutrients for those contents.

Help Us Get More Energy

Help Us Get More Energy

Rambai, along with other options like the phaleriamacrocarpa, is a rich source of energy for the human body. If you find yourself lagging behind at any point in the day, consuming some rambai fruit could help to get you going. The pulp and skin have a lot of minerals, vitamins, and protein; enough to energize your body once you eat up that fruit. With rambai as part of your everyday diet, one wouldn’t get so tired after a hard day’s work.

Controlling Blood Sugar

Controlling Blood Sugar

Usefulness of this one rambai is able to keep blood sugar levels. This fruit does not contain unnecessary sugar content, so it will not increase blood sugar levels in your body. The result, you can avoid diabetes. Another Indonesian fruit like carica might also be able to provide similar benefits.

Improving Digestion

Improving DigestionThere’s a lot of fiber in rambai, especially in its skin. More fiber in our body means that our digestive system is likely to improve. It will add to the other foods we eat, hence helping the body to process everything properly and making sure the calories are turned into energy instead of excess fat. This is also good news for those who are trying to eat healthier to lose weight.

A Possible Remedy for Red Eye

A Possible Remedy for Red Eye

Red eyes might signal conjunctivitis or some other kind of eye disorder. The symptoms of such conditions include itching, pain, and other uncomfortable occurrences. Luckily, rambai might be able to help out here. Instead of consuming the fruit right away, try blending it and dripping some of the juice into your eye.

This is a natural alternative to the more mainstream eye drops, so the chances of side effects are low as long as you’re not allergic to this fruit. If there’s any doubt of this, consult a doctor before embarking on their natural healing path.

A Health Restorative

A Health Restorative

In the Southeast regions where the rambai fruit is plentiful, it’s also used to help a woman recover after giving birth. Mothers in the postpartum period need a lot of nutrition and care in order to get their health back. This is essential if they want to enjoy long-term health and take care of their children without having to go through a lot of unnecessary pain.

By eating more rambai on a regular basis, a woman can get the required nutrients she needs after her pregnancy. In fact, the fruit will also give a lot of energy to an already pregnant woman too.

Alleviate Skin Diseases

When we’re trying to improve our skin as naturally as possible, one rule of thumb is to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. Rambai is especially powerful in this regard; it can act as a reminder for certain skin issues like scabies, panu, ringworm, and even unexplained itching. In order to get this benefit of rambai, all you have to do is wash the affected area, make a paste of the rambai fruit. Finally, put this paste on the part where you’re hoping to see some improvement.

A Lot of Antioxidants

A Lot of Antioxidants

The antioxidants present in rambai offer protection from free radicals and their effects on the body. These antioxidants, in turn, can save our bodies from a lot of harm, perhaps even helping to prevent the onset of cancer. Since prevention is better than cure, we might do well to eat more rambai and other types of fruits with antioxidants in order to avoid getting this horrible disease in the first place. If cancer cells are already present in the body, the use of antioxidants might be able to stem their growth and spread.


The facts about rambai might surprise many folks, but it’s good to learn about its various benefits. It might be time to try out some of those delicious globes, so keep an eye out for them when you visit their region or in the supermarket. They’re in season both in the winter and the summer.

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