Electronic Cigarettes: Good or Bad

Whether you are an active smoker trying to get rid of this harmful habit or just trying to find a reasonable replacement to common cigarettes, you might have heard about electronic cigarettes. Moreover, different sources are full of absolutely different and very controversial facts. Vaping Liquid is also a good choice now in trends you can prefer too. Here at Cloudstix we take pride in being one of the leading retailers and wholesalers of e liquid, E-cigarettes so, contact us now.

What of them are worth trusting and what of them are completely fake? Let us check the most common ones.

Nicotine Is not The Most Dangerous Substance

Many people believe that electronic cigarettes are not less dangerous than common cigarettes. The reason to believe so? Yep, they contain nicotine. And nicotine makes addictive. It sounds rather reasonable, doesn’t it?

Let us check in details of it can be the truth. Electronic cigarettes work in a very special way. There is a special sensor in them. When you start smoking, water vapor containing nicotine is released. So, it is the truth that they contain nicotine. But they are not so dangerous as usual cigarettes because you should not forget about plenty of other very harmful substances contained in a usual cigarette, most of them are cancerogenic:

  • Tars that stay in the lungs forever;
  • Hydrocarbons;
  • The same nicotine, but in much higher doses;
  • Smoke from burning paper, which, in turn, contains more harmful substances. Electronic cigarettes do not have any of them, though yes, they contain nicotine.

Passive Smoking When Using Cigarettes and E-Cigarettes

One more not less important fact is that e-cigarettes do not produce harmful side-smoke. So, in the case with them, we cannot talk about the dangers of passive smoking. And this is quite a concern in the case with usual cigarettes. Maybe that why electronic cigarettes are allowed in places where tobacco cigarettes are forbidden: bars, restaurants, even some airports are introducing so-called “vaping” areas.

Eco-Friendly and Cheap

You might not worry too much about it, but E cigarette are incomparably more eco-friendly. You can reuse an electronic cigarette many times, actually, one e-cigarette equals somewhere about 40 usual cigarettes, just don’t forget to replace the cartridge. Would you like to try some flavors? And now, some statistics follows that will be definitely interesting to you.

If you smoke common cigarettes, you spend around 100 USD yearly on this harmful habit. But if you use e-cigarettes instead, you spend around 600-700 USD yearly. And if you multiply this sum for the number of years that you smoke, the result will shock you. Now, don’t you think that smoking e-cigarettes is simply cheaper, even if you don’t consider other advantages?  You can get immense knowledge about E-Cigs and Vaping at Flight AMS vape liquid.

To Smoke or Not to Smoke?

All in all, we could conclude that e-cigarettes are a good choice if you want to reduce the nicotine exposure during smoking. As well, they are an irreplaceable solution if you want to avoid the influence of plenty of harmful substances contained in common cigarettes.

If you want to quit this dangerous and, let`s admit, an expensive habit, e-cigarettes can serve as a great replacement for traditional cigarettes. And you still have the sensation of smoking a cigarette. Well, many smokers admit that they miss this sensation, that’s why they cannot quit smoking. Now, there is a replacement. But one thing is clear: if you don’t smoke, e-cigarettes are not an option for you.