Electric Wheelchairs: New Opportunities for Disabled People

Electric wheelchairs are intended for patients who are unable to move independently but are able to be in a sitting position. They are necessary for the movement of people with injuries of the lower extremities and diseases of the musculoskeletal system. No doubts that a Medical Power Wheelchair is just perfect to be used for the movement with maximum comfort. Modern models of wheelchairs make it possible to take a minimum of effort to operate it independently, without anybody’s help.

What Are the Main Advantages of Electric Wheelchairs?

Electric wheelchairs carry out all the usual functions of wheelchairs, but the principle of their work is based on electricity. They are powered by batteries. The joystick or the control panel is integrated into the armrest. It is very simple and convenient to operate such devices. Electric wheelchairs can be classified by drive wheels (with front, rear, center axle, and all four wheels). Also, by the type of seat, they are car-like or prefabricated). As a rule, one can adjust sitting according to the necessary height. Most models of such modern wheelchairs can be used as ordinary mechanical strollers, if necessary. Also, depending on the needs, they may have folding and elongated armrests. The backrest can be adjusted. Many models have seat belts and an anti-tipping device. On wheelchairs of this type, warning lights are often installed to move in the evening.

How to Choose an Electric Wheelchair?

It is important to choose the right wheelchair. It should be as comfortable and reliable as possible. When choosing, you need to consider the characteristics of the patient. A correctly selected wheelchair will prevent friction and contact of body parts on the sidewalls, facilitate movement, provide a comfortable distribution of the patient’s body weight, and minimize problems such as movements in the doors. Before you buy a wheelchair, take measurements of the patient in the main six parameters: seat depth, seat width, seat height, leg length, back height, and forearm height.

The purchase of a wheelchair is a very serious occupation, on which the convenience of the patient will depend. Be sure to consider:

  • There are fixed, removable, and folding armrests.
  • Running boards. They are also fixed and removable-folding.
  • Cast tires or pneumatic (inflatable) wheels.
  • Weight and dimensions. Basically, the weight does not exceed 18 kg (aluminum products weigh up to 15 kg).
  • Most often, the material of the frame is steel, aluminum, chrome
  • A leather substitute or fabric is used as seat trim.

Take into account that a universal wheelchair is not suitable for everyone, especially if a person has non-standard body dimensions or a characteristic of the disease. The cost of a wheelchair depends on the type of control, manufacturer, functionality, equipment, dimensions. Electric models are more expensive but they are much more convenient to use than standard models.  Also be sure to see the prices of folding wheelchairs.

Electric wheelchairs will enable the patient to move independently and comfortably, both at home and outside. Moreover, these electric wheelchairs are safe, simple, and reliable.