Dream income of video content consumer

Do you like to watch videos on YouTube, TikTok, Netflix, or any other streaming platform? If yes, did you think that watching video content can be profitable and generate stable income? Whatever the answer, know that it’s possible. With the apps, described below, you can make money in cryptocurrency with zero effort just by investing your time. Sometimes it’s even not necessary to invest time – you can just watch ads for crypto in the background! So, keep reading to understand how to start and what to do to get coins and make money in this amazing way! For an ultimate guide, please click here.

Apps to consider

Below, there is a list of the most popular, safe, and easy-to-use apps, that can help you to turn your hobby into a crypto portfolio.

  1. AdCoin. Owners generously share ad revenue with their viewers. By becoming a user of this mobile-friendly app and paying small attention to the ads, whether directly or in the background, you will be rewarded. The currency of the app is AdCoin. The more you watch, the more you earn. Developers also care about users: before you’ll get started, you’ll be asked to fill in the form with your interests, so you’ll see relevant ads only. Cool, isn’t it?
  2. Slice. It’s a browser extension and more suitable for PC enthusiasts. If you prefer mobile devices, however, but have to spend most of your time in front of a computer (because of work, for example), you don’t have to miss the opportunity to make money! Just install the extension and you’ll see ads on all the pages you visit! The currency of the app is Slice. Funds withdrawals run through PayPal.
  3. Permission.io. You can earn in this Web3 project only if you trust the platform and are willing to share your personal crypto data with the application. The solution is based on the Ethereum blockchain standard, so users don’t have to worry about security. After sharing data with crypto industry brands, you’ll be rewarded.


  1. Brave. This unique browser protects users from malicious content but allows them to access internal advertising that will help them earn money. All you have to do is enable the browser’s ads to run. The solution is based on the Web3 blockchain. The currency is theBAT tokens. They are transferred to your in-app Brave wallet. They cannot be withdrawn but can be used as a digital payment tool on major marketplaces, including Amazon, to invest and exchange for other crypto assets.
  2. Rewarded TV. A decentralized blockchain-based streaming platform that allows you to earn money by watching your favorite movies and videos. You’re right, there are no ads! The currency is a TNT-20 Theta token, and all transactions are run through RPLAY.

Rewarded TV

  1. WatchAd. An advanced solution for marketers where you can create advertising content and at the same time make crypto money from it. The project is developed on the Solana blockchain system.
  2. Quicrypto. Android-specific solution that allows earning bitcoins by playing games, passing surveys, and watching ads with maximum safety.
  3. Timebucks. Here you can get crypto by completing different mini-tasks (surveys, games, app download tasks, and even messaging in Facebook!). There are so many payment methods as well, such as Skrill, wire transfer, AirTM, and bitcoin wallet payments.
  4. CryptoTab. A multiple-device solution that is intended to give you an opportunity to get crypto online. While you scroll down your web page, whatever it is, your account is refilled with bitcoins.

Up to you

Up to you

Now you’re familiar with apps and browsers, as well as browser extensions that allow making coins straight away. Just choose the right one for you and watch ads for crypto.