Dorm Room Diet Done Right

Dorm Room Diet Done RightColleges and universities are back in session – and that means students are stocking their dorm room mini fridges.

One study recently found that 70% of students gain weight during college. The average weight gain during first semester of college is 10 pounds, or roughly 5% of body weight.

So how do you fill up when you’re living out of a dorm room – and on a tight budget?

I surveyed my “Fundamentals of Nutrition” class students from San Diego State University yesterday, and here are a few of their tips for eating right on campus:

  • Never ever skip breakfast – you’ll end up regretting it and buying a doughnut at school
  • Try microwaveable 90 second quinoa & brown rice packets for dinner
  • Scramble eggs with water or milk in the microwave
  • Sliced apples, baby carrots and mini peppers dipped in hummus
  • Canned tuna is the best – it’s cheap, high in protein, and doesn’t need a lot of preparation
  • Frozen grapes make a great snack on the go
  • Instead of ice cream – mash two frozen bananas
  • Almond milk, soy milk, and organic cow’s milk have longer expiration dates than regular milk
  • Stock up on snacks that don’t require refrigeration: nuts, seeds, raisins
  • Peanut butter on a whole grain English muffin makes a great breakfast when you’re on the run
  • Take refillable water bottle with you to class to avoid having to buy bottled water
  • Buy low sodium canned soups and add a half can of canned beans to stretch it and boost fiber
  • Stay away from buffet items on meal plans – and make yourself visit the salad bar at least once a day
  • I used to make fun of my mom for using coupons, but now I use them for everything..lots of $0.50 coupons adds up!
  • Shop at the 99 cent store, especially for good deals on fruits and vegetables
  • Lowfat microwave popcorn is filling, cheap, and delicious…the only down side is your roommates complain about the smell

Thanks to all of the NUTR201 students who responded and for sharing your great, healthy dorm room diet tips!

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