Do You Need to See a Physio

Deciphering whether you need to head to a physiotherapist for the first time isn’t exactly easy. You don’t want to unnecessarily book in only to find that you need to schedule an appointment with a different specialist all together. Save yourself time, money and worry by consulting this comprehensive list of signs, symptoms and lifestyle factors that indicate that it is time to pick up the phone or hop online and book in an appointment with a local accredited physio.

You’ve Suffered an Injury

If you’re suffering from an injury of any sort it’s highly likely that it is time that you booked in with a knowledgeable physiotherapist to help you on the way to healing. Ignoring an injury or leaving it for extended periods of time before seeking a professional opinion is only going to result in longer term damage. Minor or major, an injury is going to be holistically and effectively healed with the help of a physio.

You’re Uncomfortable at Your Desk

Poor work posture is a great way of ensuring that you are feeling lethargic, unproductive and all around uncomfortable around the clock, not just at your desk. Correcting how you carry yourself brings you a myriad of health benefits, makes you look more confident and just gives you a better quality of life. Your physio will help to realign your posture.

Interrupted or Uncomfortable Sleep Patterns

Feeling sleepy throughout the day? A physiotherapist can provide a service known as a pillow fit, which will ensure that your neck, back and head are all positioned perfectly for blissful nights of uninterrupted slumber. Poor sleeping patterns impact absolutely everything, an orthopaedic pillow and correct fitting is a great way of improving yours.

Persistent Pain

Ongoing pain is exhausting and prohibits a happy, healthy life. One of the very best things about physiotherapy is that it takes a look at your body as a whole, not just at a particular symptom that you might have. This holistic take enables a physio to heal the cause of your pain and not just the effect for long term healing and overall health.

You Want to Optimise your Fitness Routine

If you’re fit and active but you want to take it to the next level, then a visit to the physio might well be just what you need! A sports physiotherapist will work to develop your strength, flexibility and fitness through a series of exercises, stretches and massage methods. You’ll also get take home exercises and custom form correction.  Be sure to click here to find a solid option for help.

Your Bike is Uncomfortable

Feeling hunched over and limited in your cycling performance? It could be a mismatch between yourself and your machine. A bike fit session will tweak your bike to your riding style and create a perfect fit for optimum riding.

You Need Help Managing a Chronic Condition

Chronic conditions need management, and this shouldn’t be done alone particularly if you’re finding it difficult to cope. Your specialised physio will lend a hand in effectively managing your chronic condition.

You’re Recovering from a Surgical Procedure

Recovery is essential alongside rest! Recuperate smarter and faster under the gaze of a professional physio.

You’ve Just Had a Baby

Women’s health focused physios can help you to bounce back from having a baby in a healthy manner.

You’ve Been Recommended

Perhaps you’ve been recommended physiotherapy by another specialist or general practitioner? If this is the case, then it’s time to get booking! Check out pilates parnell for more information.

You Want to Live your Best & Healthiest Life

Lastly, you simply want to ensure that you are leading your healthiest and therefore your best life! health is invaluable, invest in it.