Do These 5 Physical Activities to Improve Your Balance

Balance is an underrated principle in our everyday life. It seems to be taken for granted. As long as we can walk and do our daily tasks, everything is fine— until when we suddenly slip and fall down.

It is important to note that our physical balance is just as important as our diet.

It plays an integral part in our daily life to keep us moving and functioning properly. That is why it is significant to perform balance training and exercises to improve and keep functioning as it’s supposed to be.

Here, we have provided physical activities and exercises you can do at home to practice your balance. These are intermediate exercises that can be performed even without any tools and equipment. After doing these exercises, you’ll surely be able to tell that your sense of balance has improved and you feel lighter on your feet.

What Does It Mean If You Lose Proper Balancing?

There are various reasons why we lose proper physical balance. It may be because of some medical-related problems, such as experiencing vertigo, lightheadedness, and side effects caused by different medication intake. However, the most common cause is an issue found in your vestibular system, commonly known as the balance organ in the inner ear.

The good thing is, issues concerning the vestibular system can be treated without the need for any operations. A local licensed physical therapist can aid in any issues with your vestibular system. They can work hand in hand with your physician to better give you an appropriate set of exercises you can do while on medication. Physical therapists at phyxMe Chicago are knowledgeable about this kind of situation.

Physical therapists can tailor a specific treatment that focuses on eye and head exercises and balance exercises. This way, you will be receiving treatment that can help you with regaining your balance back. They can set specific approaches that can speed up your ability to walk and do daily tasks regularly again.

Improve Your Balance Through These Activities

However, it is worth noting that there is no need for you to experience situations such as issues with the vestibular system first before you give importance in improving your balance. You can always perform exercises to keep your balance in check to always stay in good shape.

Here are some physical activities that you can do at home, even at your office, to make sure your physical balance is on check.

Beginner’s Move: One-Legged Balance

You don’t have to start with a difficult position since you are still gaining momentum, especially if you are trying this out for the first time. You can start with a one-legged balance. It might look easy at a glance, but as you go for an extended period in this position, you can tell it is difficult enough to stay balanced.

One-legged balance is a fundamental physical activity to maintain and practice your core capability to stay in one position. Yet, little do we know that this essential exercise has a lot to do with our mental being too.

Anyone should be able to retain a 20-second one-legged position. Any duration less than that requires consulting with a physician right away. Not unless there is physical evidence that prevents them from doing so.

Best for Adults: Walk the Line

Loss of balance is most common in adults. However, they don’t tend to be bothered by it, not unless they accidentally fall or stumble while walking. In fact, our balance starts to decline when we reach age 40 to 50 years old.

To keep up in maintaining your balance, especially for older people, a simple activity like walking the line can be very effective. You can ask for help to set up a straight line on the floor and slowly walk by touching the back of your heel against the toes of your opposite foot.

You can do at least 20 steps and repeat for about three times. This is very basic, yet it has a lot to do to make sure your brain can maintain balance even in a tight line or position.

Power Up Core: Dead Bug

If you are an athlete or have an active lifestyle, you might want to add this activity to your routine. The dead bug requires the use of the Bionic Oscillatory Stabilization Unit (BOSU), which is the blue half-ball found in the gyms.

The Dead Bug activity is highly specialized to focus on your core stability. It is considered one of the best core exercises since it targets your transverse abdominis (deep core muscles).

Athletes target their balance training through their core since they need more stability to endure other physical activities associated with their lifestyle.

Core Training Duo: Tree Pose and Planking

These last two activities highly focus on strengthening your core. Core strength has a lot to do in improving your balance. Having a strong core helps and prevents you from falling and supports your body entirely.

Ever wonder why surfers can balance while riding the waves? It’s because they highly trained their core to support their body weight, even with the strong waves splashing against them.

Planking and tree pose activities focus on strengthening your core. It looks simple, but your body gains a lot of advantages when you do these activities daily. Planking for one minute daily boosts your core strength ultimately. And not just that, it strengthens your spine, which results in a better posture.

Tree pose is a famous yoga pose, but now many incorporate this position in body strengthening and improving balance. Staying in this position trains your legs for better stability. It also trains your pelvic stability to support your body. Furthermore, it can cure sciatica and is an excellent remedy for flat feet.


Yes, we perform exercises to get our bodies toned, yet we tend to forget that balance training is also essential. Doing simple physical activities is vital to keep us in shape and to retain or improve our capabilities to balance. There is no need to go to an extent with difficult positions. There are easy activities that help a lot in maintaining and training our body strength. Doing these activities daily can result in a healthier and active lifestyle.

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Melissa Bell is a content writer and copywriter who specializes in fitness, lifestyle, and health. She’s known for being a health junkie, and is crazy about yoga, tea, biology, and self-help books.