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Dietary Fiber Can Save Your Life!

Dietary Fiber Can Save Your Life!Turns out, fiber actually is the future…if you consider your future in terms of extended life expectancy.

A research study published in the most recent online edition of the Archives of Internal Medicine found that the men and women who ate the most fiber were 22% less likely to die in the following nine years than were those who ate the least fiber.

For the study, researchers collected data from 388,122 men and women who were part of the National Institutes of Health – AARP Diet and Health Study. The participants had to answer a questionnaire about their diet and they were then followed for nine years.

The authors concluded that their study, “shows that dietary fiber may reduce the risk of premature death from all causes, especially from cardiovascular disease and infection and respiratory diseases.”

These findings come on the heels of the recent release of the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans. The new guidelines recommend consuming 14 grams of dietary fiber per 1000 calories per day – working out to about 25-28 grams of daily fiber for your typical healthy adult.

Additional findings of the NIH study include:

  • Cardiovascular disease risk was cut by 24 percent in men and 34 percent in women who ate the most fiber
  • Respiratory disease risk was cut by 56 percent in men and 59 percent in women who ate the most fiber
  • An inverse relationship between dietary fiber intake and cancer death was observed in men but not women
  • Dietary fiber from grains – but not from other sources – was significantly inversely related to total and cause-specific death in both men and women.

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