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Fruits and Vegetables: The Key to Dodge Death

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Whenever food habits and diets are discussed, special attention is given to the group of fruits and vegetables. From the quote “eat your greens” to “an apple a day keeps the doctor away,” we have heard various slogans highlighting the importance of these natural gifts. But why are these so important? What are the elements that make them outshine everything else? Why fruits and vegetables are superior to other food groups? Let’s unfold this mystery today!

Normally, it is suggested for a person to consume at least five servings of fruits and vegetables daily to lead a healthy life. This serving size has proved to prevent cancer and other lethal conditions. Moreover, it provides all the needed hydration and nutrients that our body needs for proper functionality.

But sadly, the majority of people avoid eating these natural foods. For some, it is too subtle in taste, while others enjoy a fattier diet. And frankly, not many people are fond of their health usually. So rather than eating some fruit as a snack, they prefer chips or other unhealthy treats. This produces unhealthy dietary habits in the masses due to which they ignore this essential food group.

Although most people try to dodge the fact that eating more fruits and vegetables will be beneficial for them, it still doesn’t change the reality. There are dozens and hundreds of benefits from this specific food group. But today, we will focus on one benefit, that is, immortality.

While it may sound absurd, but a new study published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health suggests that eating more fruits and vegetables can exponentially reduce the risk of death.

The study used the Health Study for England data consisting of over 65,000 subjects studied between 2001 and 2013 and monitored their eating habits. According to the number of servings of fruits and vegetables, the following results were obtained:

  • Eating 1 to 3 portions per day cuts the risk of death by 14%.
  • Eating 3 to 5 portions per day cuts the risk of death by 29%.
  • Eating 5 to 7 portions per day cuts the risk of death by 36%.
  • Eating more than seven portions per day cut the risk of death by 42%.

While this study clearly explains why one should eat more fruits and greens, it doesn’t cover the important ways how one can achieve this goal. This food group is unique. Unlike ready to eat foods, these need some preparation. Be it simple cutting or peeling; hence, people try to avoid it as much as they can. As a result, they prioritize options with less work—for example, juices and frozen fruits.

As far as juices are concerned, they are preferred due to ease of consumption. A lot of people complain that they cannot eat fruit, but they can have fresh juice as an alternative. But when it comes to fruits, it’s better to eat than drink. However, the study proves that there is no significant benefit of drinking fruit juice. It removes all the fiber, and the added ingredients to enhance the flavor defeats the purpose of having it in the first place. Therefore, instead of wasting your money on juicing machines or maybe on fruit shops, try eating the fruit by itself. It may take some while to adjust with the taste, but you can always consider it as a medicine.

Another common query among picky eaters is their confusion between fresh and frozen foods. They find difficulty in understanding whether there is a difference between them. Most of the time, they assume to get the same benefits from frozen foods as they would normally get from the fresh ones.

But in reality, fresh fruits and vegetables are better than canned or frozen ones in every way, because to preserve and prolong the shelf life, the canned and frozen versions are modified with many added ingredients. As a result, fresh fruits and vegetables that usually reduce the death risk, increase it by 17% due to the added elements. That, too, for every portion. So, while you may get a good deal at the market, you won’t get the chance to dodge death. Thus, our suggestion is to spend a couple more dollars, but get the real thing as it is far better in all aspects.


Fruits and vegetables are known for their amazing health benefits. And just when we thought that we had covered all the essential functions of this food group, it turns out that we haven’t even touched the tip of the iceberg. Evidently, with a consumption of 7 servings of this group daily, a person can reduce the risk of death by 42%.

While it is hard for some people to consume this much greens, it is okay to start from one serving and make your way up to the seven servings mark. When it comes to fruits and vegetables, it is better to eat them fresh without adding any artificial flavorings. It may take some time to get used to this new food habit, but the results will certainly be worth it.

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