CBD Oil For Dogs Misbehaving

Dogs, especially young puppies who become bored, tend to lash out with behavioral issues like nibbling on household items they’re not supposed to like furniture, carpeting, even baseboards. Cannabidiol is a natural cannabinoid derived from the hemp plant purportedly offering numerous benefits for a canine’s wellness.

Pet parents are finding it to be the ideal complement to their furry companion’s daily regimen as a stress reducer capable of inducing relaxation and bringing pup a sense of calm. Read how CBD affects a dog’s behavior here.

CBD Oil For Puppies Who Misbehave

With our dogs, we share unconditional love and closeness. But if puppy finds that he’s not being stimulated enough either physically or mentally through exercise or play, or if separation anxiety starts to become a problem, pup may start to lash out in destructive ways.

These issues can prove challenging to contend with for any breed, whether it be barking, digging, biting, as these can escalate if not managed early. In order to keep puppy from developing further health problems due to the stress, pup should see the vet for recommendations and a discussion relating to natural stress reducers such as cannabidiol.

Manufacturers work to create products specially designed for canines, so consumption and administration are a smooth process. You can check out a wide variety online with websites like http://www.holistapet.com/ for which there are tinctures, topicals, and treats for dogs to indulge. All meant to encourage overall wellness, reduce stressors, and bring dogs back to a better behavior level.

Behaviors That Let Pet Parents Know Puppy Needs Stimulation

When a dog lashes out with destructive activity, there is always an underlying reason, whether it be health-related or the canine is bored. If your fur baby is not receiving enough exercise or activity, it may be time to engage with him more to burn some of that energy.

Suppose you feel that pup is getting plenty of stimulation both mentally and physically. In that case, there could be an underlying ailment for which the vet needs to examine and diagnose in order to proceed with a care plan. Some common behaviors to pay attention to include:

  • Chew: A dog will chew typically as a means to cleanse the teeth and strengthen the jaw, but what they chew on can be the problem. If they chew on household objects, there’s the potential to harm themselves or swallow something hazardous.

If the pup is chewing due to frustrations, it’s essential to make sure you give them plenty of doggy chew products like bones, toys, or rawhides as a way to keep them preoccupied away from nibbling on things in the home.

Equally important is to ensure your pup is socializing with furry friends in the neighborhood or dog parks for playtime and partaking in daily walks.

  • Dig: A pup is born loving to dig as part of their nature. Problems arise when it becomes excessive, and your yard is destroyed. Most do this to expel energy or decrease stress. In attempting to correct the behavior, make sure to do so when the canine is engaged in the activity, or he won’t understand what he’s being ‘accused’ of. It helps never to institute corporal punishment or negative scolding.

A good recommendation is to assign a specific spot like a puppy’s own sandbox where the dog can dig at will. That would be the perfect playground for your furry companion to have friends over for playdates.

Dogs have the potential to bark in excess or become aggressive when their needs aren’t being met. These are more extreme than other behaviors and express an elevated level of anxiety and stress.

As a way to decompress these frustrations, cannabidiol works with the endocannabinoid system, a network of various receptors and molecules that regulate mood, reduce pain, assist with sleep, and a multitude of other functions within the body.

Behaviors That Let Pet Parents Know Puppy Needs Stimulation

Final Thought

Together, CBD and the ECS help reduce symptoms of anxiety and stress for the canine, which, in turn, assists in alleviating the pup’s behavioral problems.

Adding a daily dose of the substance might be just what a canine needs, aside from adequate stimulation of the body, mind, and soul.