How Fiber Fared in the New Food Label

After 9 arduous years of deliberations, the FDA finally rolled out the final rule on the new food label last…

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Frankenfiber: Coming Your Way

The hot topic is getting hotter. Genetically engineered foods have been in the US food supply since 1996, but public…

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2015 Dietary Guidelines: Piling it On

Every 5 years, a panel of US nutrition experts convenes to produce a blueprint for how Americans should eat. This…

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Whole Grain Food Fight

How hard is it to cook whole grain pasta? Well for some school districts, implementation of the new school lunch…

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Personalized Nutrient Needs

You hear and read a lot these days about what you should and shouldn’t eat. The problem is, these recommendations…

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Organic: Good, Not Great

While there certainly remains a number of convincing arguments for buying organic produce – you may be surprised to learn…

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How do you spell fat? M-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-P-P-I

The results are in: Mississippi keeps the crown as the country’s fattest state. The Centers for Disease Control has just…

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We Want Fiber!

A new poll indicates that Americans are eating more – and willing to pay more – for nutritious, high fiber…

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Happy 150th Birthday USDA

It was 150 years ago today – May 15, 1862 – that President Abraham Lincoln signed off on legislation creating…

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Just Label It Gathers Speed

Americans love to talk about their rights. And judging from our obesity statistics, we also love food. So why is…

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