Burger King’s Whole Grain Ciabatta Bun: Where’s the Fiber?

By way of a press release, Burger King recently announced that its Tendergrill Chicken Sandwich will now be served on a ciabatta bun made with whole grains. While the new bun makes for a sandwich lower in calories, fat and sodium than the original – there’s not really any significant fiber boost.

Burger King’s press release touts the revised bun has “eight grams of whole grains”, but no info on how many grams of fiber this equates to or how it compares to the original. The bun no doubt remains your typical highly-refined white bread product with some whole grains thrown in for good measure.

Their online nutrition information tracker (pictured above) does not include dietary fiber and as of this posting, theĀ company’s web-based nutrition information does not reflect the new changes.

While Burger King can be commended for focusing on increasing the number of choices under 650 calories available in their BK Positives Steps program, they’re not breaking any ground with fast food fiber content.