Best Crystals to Decorate and Purify Your Home

Your home is a sanctuary, a place to rest, and a place for security, a refuge away from the hustling of everyday life and this is why you should give attention to creating it as a peaceful, relaxing, and beautiful home.  

Using crystals is one of the best ways to decorate and purify your home. Do you want to learn how to purify your home with crystals? Read down below for all the details you need to know. 

What Are Crystals? 

Crystals are unique stones from the deep earth. They are beautiful natural stones that possess exceptional abilities not just to accentuate beauty but also to cleanse, purify, and protect your home.  

They come in different shapes and varieties. In fact, there are so many varieties that they are infinite. Some of the most popular crystals include but not limited to: Black Obsidian, Calcite, Selenite, Citrine, Apophyllite, Shungite, Black Tourmaline, Rose Quartz, and Amethyst to mention a few. 

Now, because these precious stones come in a wide variety, it could be a little confusing when you want to choose which crystal to use when decorating and purifying your home.  

To help you make the best choice, here are the best seven crystals that are ideal for purifying and decorating your home. 

Best Crystals to Decorate and Purify

1. The Black Obsidian Crystal

As the name suggests, this crystal has a magnificent bright black color that is appealing to the eyes and radiates a beautiful glow, especially when it is in the sun. Having this near the entrance of your home as well as near a window are one of the best places to put black obsidian crystals as decorative items. This prevents the negative energy going inside your home. 

It absorbs negative energy and protects your home. It changes negative vibrations coming from outside to positive ones. If you would love to get a quality black obsidian crystal, then you should visit 

2. The Black Tourmaline Crystal

The black tourmaline crystal is closely related to the black obsidian in both color and abilities. However, this beautiful black crystal emits a translucent glow.

The combination of the jet-black color and the translucent quality of the stone makes it a beauty to behold. The perfect place to put this crystal, like the black obsidian, is your  entrance. 

It also provides a protective shield against negative energy. You can mix some other colored crystals with, like the blue lace agate, the calcite, and the rose quartz if you plan to put these on your windowsill.  

Not only will the combination of these crystals create a great and dynamic blend of positive energy in your house, but every time the sun shines through them, you will surely experience a complete transformation of your living room. The sunlight reflected on the will create a rainbow that is gorgeous to look at.  

3. Apophyllite Crystal

Have you been experiencing stress or battling anxiety, do you get worried about some things? If you answer yes to any of these questions, then the apophyllite crystal might just be what you need to clear your home of all these dark energies caused by unstable emotions.  

It is popularly known for its ability to purify any space of anxieties and worries. To get the best result from the apophyllite crystal, especially if it is for artistic and decorative purposes, you can place these stones near your fireplace. The warm glow it emits will sure to leave your living room a more relaxing place to be.  

4. Shungite Crystal

Today’s world is sustained by technology, and every day it keeps evolving. The truth is that technology has indeed helped the world. However, technology significantly caused harm to our health because of the electromagnetic fields that radiate from phones and other electronic gadgets.  

The phone, which is now can be considered as man’s best friend, is particularly guilty of this charge. Nevertheless, you can be at ease about the negative effect of electromagnetic fields in your living room and the hazard it can cause to your health if you have the shungite crystal at hand.   

The shungite crystal is dark gray and it is a beautiful thing to look at any day. You can place near any electronic gadgets like on your TV stand beside your Television or on your coffee table in your living room. That way, you can be sure the crystal will absorb the electromagnetic field (EMF) from your electronic appliances while ornamenting your living room visibly. 

5. Selenite Crystal

The selenite crystal is special and unique because of its special ability to absorb negative energy. Also, most crystals need to be occasionally cleansed and charged to maintain their effectiveness. However, for the selenite, this is not the case. The selenite crystal is in a class of its own.  

Unlike others, this unique crystal does not need to be cleansed or charged; it can be used to clean and charge other crystals instead.  

With its cloudy white color, the selenite stone is an energy healing crystal that emits radiant positive energy anywhere it is placed. It creates an atmosphere of harmony and peace.  

The selenite is best to be placed in the bedroom. You can place a selenite crystal on your bed stand, it can clear your head before going to sleep and to ensure peaceful, optimistic dreams 

6. Rose Quartz Crystal

Humans are social beings and everyone needs healthy and positive relationships. Rose quartz is one of the crystals that can help relationships. It is a beautiful crystal that promotes lovely and positive relationships. Also referred to as love crystals, it can boost romance among couples and promote sensuality.  

Are you feeling drained emotionally? Have you had constant arguments with your partner, or do you just want to boost romance in your relationship? Having rose quartz crystals is your best bet to purify your bedroom. 

 To achieve the maximum result for your relationship, you should place it in your bedroom. If for decorative purposes, it could be used as wall decor. It’s soft, warm with pinkish color that will surely accentuate the beauty of your room. 

7. Amethyst Crystal

The bathroom happens to be a place where a lot of people get inspiration. Have you experienced fresh ideas coming to you while you are in the bathroom while taking a warm or cold shower? This also makes the bathroom a great place to put a crystal. To clear and purify your bathroom, you will want to add an amethyst crystal to among bathroom items. Amethysts are explicitly known for its ability to stimulate clear thoughts and energies that can relax your body and soul. 

Are you wondering where to put the amethyst crystal in your bathroom to enjoy its decorative and purifying powers? Nearby a bathroom mirror and on your bathroom sink will be a great idea. The deep purple color of the Amethyst will ensure a soft, beautiful glow in your bathroom. 

8. Calcite Crystal

You might want to have calcite crystals to cleanse your kitchen.nIt clears off negative energy and will stimulate a fresh burst of energy and might give you some cooking inspirations when you least expect it. Calcite crystal varies in shades, orange and emerald.  

It can also be used in the dining room. To use it as an accessory in the dining room, you can attach it to the chandelier. Seeing calcite crystals in chandeliers are breathtakingly beautiful. 

9. Citrine Crystal

The citrine crystal is not only a beautiful crystal, but it is also quite handy. It is used like most crystals to purify home spaces as citrine crystals can release and spread positive energy. It also creates a positive atmosphere that stimulates creativity. 

 Citrine crystals will be an excellent addition to your home library. You can improve the beauty of your home library by placing it on the bookshelf or using it as a bookend. Doing this will increase the loveliness of your library as well as encourages you to be creative.


 The black obsidian and black Tourmaline will make your entrance look more inviting and ward off negative energy. The apophyllite and shungite crystals are best suited for the living room as it creates a relaxing energy wherever it’s put.  

The selenite and rose quartz, on the other hand, will spice up your relationship and rid your bedroom of all toxicity. The Amethyst will help to sparkle your bathroom and ensure a stream of clear thoughts. At the same time, the calcite crystal will dispel every negative energy in your kitchen and dining area while making you inspired to cook delicious healthy meals.

The phrase ‘crystal clear’ is beyond perfect to illustrate the dual function of crystals in our home. Crystal stones clear and purify our abode of negative energy, while the way it looks makes it an ideal decorative item for your living space. As mentioned earlier, crystal stones come in various colors and shapes that you can use for each room you would like and it will also purify your home.