Benefits of Schisandra Chinensis – Magnolia Berries


Schisandra Chinensis is a woody vine that grows in the moist shady soil of Northern China and Far East Russia almost all year long. The ‘dioecious’ species produces berry fruits that are commonly known as ‘magnolia berries’ or ‘five flavor fruits’. These berries require the same growing conditions and planting care as the grape vines. Even though not a common table fruit such as strawberries, blueberries or raspberries, magnolia berries are consumed in tons in Russia commercially in the making of wine, flavoring extracts, juices, and other confectionaries.

In China and Korea, the Schisandra Chinensis plant is famous for its earthy medicinal properties. It’s in Southeast Asia the magnolia berries got their name as the ‘five flavor fruits’. The most interesting fact about these berries is their exhilaratingly peculiar flavor – a single berry fruit of this species combines together all basic flavors in one including sweet, tangy, salty, bitter and spicy.

Uses of Schisandra Chinensis

  • Schisandra Chinensis berries are considered one of the 50 fundamental herbs that are being used in traditional Chinese medicines for centuries now. Its chemical constituents such as lignansschisandrin, deoxyschisandrin, gomisins, and pregomisin are known to strengthen the immune system even when you are not under the attack of any diseases.
  • Modern medicinal research has found a way to treat hepatitis and other liver diseases using Schisandra Chinensis extract. As of present, it is one of the constantly used fruit in the medicines.
  • Since time immemorial, Schisandra Chinensis berries are used to make a cordial beverage in Korea. It tastes rich and heavenly and is believed to elevate one’s mood and spirits.
  • Tea brewed using Schisandra Chinensis berries has an earthy sweet and pungent flavor and is fondly consumed in Japan.
  • Certain herbal connotations prepared using Schisandra Chinensis berries are consumed as instant remedies to cure cold and sea-sickness.
  • Due to its diverse tangy, sweet and spicy flavor, Schisandra Chinensis is now widely used in making wines, bottled juices, and other sorbets and syrups.

Health Benefits of Schisandra Chinensis

Beneficial for Alzheimer’s

Schisandra Chinensis berries have anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective impact in the microglial cells of the human brain. This property makes it an excellent defense mechanism against both Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Schisandra Chinensis berries also hinder the excess formation of amyloid beta peptides in the brain that further revoke the production of amyloid plaque. Amyloid plaque is abundantly found in the brains of Alzheimer’s patient and Schisandra Chinensis berries directly control its production. You can explore more scientific details and research on the subject here.

Hepatitis and Other Liver Diseases

Scientists conducted various lab experiments on animals that had a thick layer of treacherous fatty-acids around their livers and showed several symptoms of suffering from chronic hepatitis. Schisandra Chinensis berry essence was used to combat the toxic damage owing to its strong antioxidant properties. More than 70% of the experimented animals showed considerable improvement. This was later tried on animals before using it in medicines to cure chronic and acute hepatitis and other liver diseases. Read the details about the experiment here.

Pre-mature Menopause

Like most of the other fruits from the berry family such as cranberries and lingonberries, Schisandra Chinensis is also an amazing natural organic way to take care of any urinary tract infections in women. Not only that, but it has also been known to cure pre-mature menopause in women who are in their 30s and early 40s. A regular intake of Schisandra Chinensis supplement takes care of hot flashes, tiredness, and palpitations.

Chronic Stress and Depression

Even though traditionally Schisandra Chinensis berry has been used in teas and beverages to greet the guests and commemorate the festivities, it was also believed that the drinks made with it were a mood booster. Only recently, scientific studies have proved the adaptogenic properties of Schisandra Chinensis. This means that this miraculous berry prepares your body to resist against any biochemical reactions that may cause anxiety, stress or depression. Read more details on the research here.

Skin Benefits of Schisandra Chinensis

Premature Aging

Schisandra Chinensis is rich with antioxidants and vitamins that naturally enhance skin’s elasticity and help combat premature aging signs. Either consume the fruit on its own or use cosmetics and skincare products that incorporate the five flavor berry as a vital ingredient to reap the maximum benefits.


Owing to their unique and peculiar flavor, Schisandra Chinensis berries are an unusual treat for your palette. If their tangy and pungent flavor gets a little too strong for you to tackle, you can always use it in teas and brews and add other flavoring essences to neutralize the earthiness of its taste. Regardless of their taste, these red berries have proven effective in many ways thus they should be considered being added in your daily diet.