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Benefits of Rose Apple for eye health, beauty and prevent diarrhea

Did you know that Benefits of Rose Apple for eye health, beauty and prevent diarrhea, Rose Apple (Syzygium aqueum) is a species of brush cherry tree. Its common names include Water Cherry, Watery Rose Apple, and Lau Lau; names like “water apple” and “bell fruit” may refer to any species of Syzygium grown for its fruit. In Malay, it is known as jambu air meaning “water guava”. In Bengali language, the fruit is called GolapJaam. The tree is cultivated for its wood and edible fruit. The fruit is a fleshy yellow or red berry which is bell shaped, waxy and crisp. Syzygium aqueum is sold in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. The tree requires heavy rainfalls and can survive in tropical habitats, up to 1600m from sea level. The wood is hard and can be used to make tools. The bark of the tree is sometimes used in herbal medicines. It is grown in orchards and gardens and parks as an ornamental plant. The leaves are edible and are sometimes used to wrap food.

Here are some Benefits of Rose Apple for eye health, beauty and prevent diarrhea

Preventing dehydration
If you eat this fruit, water released quite a lot. Because it is rose water has a fairly high water content, which is of 100 grams of guava fruit contains water could reach 93%, so it is suitable to prevent dehydration. Abundant water content in guava fruit is also good for maintaining healthy kidneys and digestion and can increase the sense of mood or happy for those who consume them.

Increasing fertility
Probably still rarely hear that guava can maintain and increase fertility for men. Jambu water that contain vitamin C are known as antioxidants can maintain healthy body cells, including maintaining healthy sperm cells that have been damaged.

Maintaining eye health
After yesterday we discuss about how to maintain eye health with natural ingredients, it turns out there are other natural ingredients that can be used are water guava fruit. Rose water also has vitamin A, which as we all know that vitamin A is a good vitamin that is needed by the eye. When you feel tired or because it is too long cepek move in front of the computer, you can consume this fruit to handle it.

for beauty
In addition to the health of the fruit we get this, it turns out the fruit can also bring beauty to those who consume. That’s because this fruit contains vitamin C. This vitamin in addition to keeping the body against disease is also known to rejuvenate the skin from within.

prevent diarrhea
Preventing and treating diarrhea with natural ingredients that are familiar around us usually are guava leaves. However, it turns out guava extract may also prevent diarrhea. Also of interest to the fruit can also reduce fever and heat in children.

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