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Benefits of Arenga pinnata for your health

Arenga pinnata (syn. Arenga saccharifera) is an economically important feather palm native to tropical Asia, from eastern India east to Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines in the east.Common names include Sugar Palm, Arenga Palm, Areng palm, Black-fiber palm, Gomuti Palm, Aren, Enau, Irok, and Kaong.

It is a medium-sized palm, growing to 20 m tall, with the trunk remaining covered by the rough old leaf bases. The leaves are 6-12 m long and 1.5 m broad, pinnate, with the pinnae in 1-6 rows, 40-70 cm long and 5 cm broad. The fruit is subglobose, 7 cm diameter, green maturing black.

It is not a threatened species, though it is locally rare in some parts of its range. It serves as an important part of the diet of several endangered species, including cloud rats of the genus Phloeomys. [wikipedia]

Benefits of Arenga pinnata for your health

facilitate digestion
Kolang forth rich in fiber where the fiber is very good for digestion can help the body remove waste that is no longer needed by the body, apart from the kolang forth also contain carbohydrates that can provide a sense of fullness and give energy so it is certainly very good for your longer runs healthy diet program.

Treat arthritis
Carbohydrates contained in kolang forth in general is galaktomannan, where the substance is often used as a base material arthritis drug, because it can help reduce pain dipersendian. For those of you who have arthritis consume 100-200 grams kolang forth boiled without sugar and dye a day is highly recommended, to help treat inflammation in the joints.

Preventing osteoporosis
Addition of fiber and carbohydrates kolang forth also contains calcium which is quite high, for 100 grams kolang forth contains 91 milligrams of calcium so it is very suitable to fill the need for calcium. Especially for those who are allergic to milk.

Drug itching

Kolang forth sap that has not been processed into kolang forth also has the potential to be drugs, take a few drops of sap kolang forth and rub on the body have been hives, proved to be a powerful enough medication itching.

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