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Bends in the Trends

Bends in the TrendsThe American Dietetic Association has just released its 20th annual nationwide consumer survey findings: “Nutrition and You: Trends 2011“. The survey asks a series of questions to determine the general state of perceived health in the US.

Are you doing all you can to achieve balanced nutrition & a healthy diet?

  • 50% responded yes – up from just under 50% responding yes since 2002

Where do you get most of your nutrition information?

  • 67% listed television as the preferred source, with magazines and the internet tied for second

What foods have you increased your consumption of?

  • Respondents said they are eating more vegetables (49%), whole grains (48%), fish (46%) and chicken (44%)

What foods have you cut back on?

  • Beef (39%), pork (35%), dairy products (22%)

What are the foods you hear “a lot” about?

Percentage of Respondents who Have Heard "A Lot" About Certain Foods

Percentage of Respondents who Have Heard “A Lot” About Certain Foods

While the results were largely anticipated – it is still interesting to acknowledge that despite (all 754) respondents’ relatively positive opinion of their own diet, two-thirds of the country is still overweight or obese.

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