August: National Peach Month

August: National Peach MonthIt’s August – and that means end-of-summer fruit is in full swing.

August is also National Peach Month – and a good time to enjoy these celebrated stone fruits.

There are 2 major peach cultivars: clingstone and freestone, and classification depends on how the flesh sticks to the pit.

We tend to eat clingstone in processed varieties (pit removed, fruit canned, preserved, juiced or put in other foods like baby food). The freestone ones are what we buy fresh to eat.

1 large peach has 60 calories and 3 grams of fiber.

A few other peach fun facts for you:

  • The peach tree originated in Western China over 4,000 years ago
  • Alexander the Great introduced the peach to Greek and Roman society
  • The US is the world’s leading grower of peaches
  • Gold miners began California’s commercial peach production in 1849 when demand for peaches could not be met by supplies from the east
  • California leads the US and grows 84% of the nation’s peaches and 95% of its nectarines

To learn more about peaches, check out the Georgia Peach Council at

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