Are You Delusional About Your Diet?

General Mills – “The World’s Sixth Largest Food Company” – recently conducted a poll of 1,010 adults questioning them about their whole grain intake.

Sixty-one percent of those surveyed said they think they eat enough whole grains in their diet – despite the fact that the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee says that 95% of Americans don’t get enough whole grains.

  • Only 16% correctly identified that terms like “enriched flour”, “100% wheat” and “multigrain” do not necessarily mean that a product contains whole grain
  • 17% incorrectly said that whole grains are always organic
  • 28% didn’t understand the difference between whole grain and enriched grain products

These findings come on the heels of another interesting study from Consumer Reports that said 90% of those surveyed identified as having a “somewhat”, “very” or “extremely” healthy diet – despite the fact that 2/3 of our country is overweight or obese!

What’s the take away message here? It’s ok to congratulate yourself if you’re working towards 30 grams of fiber from whole grains per day – but don’t give yourself too much credit if you’re not!