Apps for a More Productive You

Smartphone apps are one of the most effective ways not just to manage your social media accounts and play games, but also to help improve your personal productivity. From work to personal life, the right apps can help you get more done, giving you a sense of accomplishment. Take a look at a few key apps that can make a big difference in not only what you are doing, but even in improving your quality of life and minimize stress.

Start with Organization

Wunderlist is a unique app because it is so easy to use and designed to help you to get everything done. It combines a to-do list format with reminders and errand management features. This free-to-use app is designed for easy collaboration features, too. It can also be used on a phone, tablet, or computer, making it quite versatile for both personal and work-related use.

Sometimes, organization starts with time management skills. To help improve those skills, consider the Time Timer app. It works very well to help you manage time in blocks. For example, you can set a timer to accomplish specific goals or tasks within that space. One of the nice features of Time Timer is that it naturally encourages you to beat the clock – you feel motivated to get your tasks done in the timeframe, getting more done in a game-like format. Apps like these help improve your quality of life. They can be an important part of a healthy lifestyle for work.

Start with Organization

Gaming Apps for Brain-Training

An interesting app for brain-training is Warzone, which is similar to the board game Risk (but better, according to them). You can play in multi-player or single-player style, and you can choose from thousands of maps or create your own. There’s even the option to join in tournaments or a clan, among many other features. Strategy games like Warzone can help you to improve your memory, quick thinking, problem solving, and planning skills. The more you play, the more you’ll develop these skills and get better at Warzone — and other strategy games.

Another one is the PokerStars app, available for both Android and iOS, lets you play casually or in tournaments in a range of levels. You can chat with other players and even study up on the game to learn how you can improve your strategy. Playing poker is a great way to train your brain and develop certain cognitive skills like memory, quick thinking, and adaptive thinking. It also can help to improve your focus, emotional control, and patience. And the more you put into improving your game, the more you’ll improve all of these crucial skills.

Gaming Apps for Brain-Training

Work Productivity Improvement

Managing work-related tasks can be a challenge for most people. There are many apps that can help, depending on your needs. Here are a few key recommendations to make work-life easier to manage.

If you are a project manager or have a number of different tasks to manage across various projects, there are a wide range of apps to choose from. Consider Basecamp, Asana, and Trello. Each one is designed a bit differently, but all encourage you to keep projects and tasks easily visible. They can also send reminders to you about due dates.

For learning and networking, keep things simple. LinkedIn, for example, is an excellent tool for various work productivity tasks. You can connect with thought leaders, find a pro to help you with a new problem, and navigate a wide range of learning experiences through free lectures. If you do need to freshen up your skills and become more marketable, consider downloading the Udemy app. It is an excellent, often free tool full of classes and courses on many topics. If you need to read up on something or just want to be able to learn as you drive, download the Audible app to help make the process a bit easier.

It’s always important to empower yourself. When you strive to improve your organization and productivity, you’ll find living a healthy life is a bit easier. It gets rid of the stress that often limits your long-term health and creates an increased risk of illness. Why not let a few apps help take some of that away?