Advantages of Using Modern Wax Dab Pen

Cannabis lovers are familiar with the vast options of getting medical relief or a high. Many users are now migrating to “dabs” to get their kick. Another product that is getting popular among vapers is elf bars such as rechargeable elf bar 3600 5000, that come as pre assembled and is available in different flavors. A dab or a wax is an incredibly high concentrate of cannabis, usually made from heating a cannabis plant extract in a solvent such as butane or carbon dioxide. A wax pen is a high-tech alternative to dabbing that is fast becoming the preference for many cannabis connoisseurs and novices alike.


History of the Wax Dab Pen


As a method of consuming cannabis, dabbing, i.e., vaporizing the concentrate and then inhaling the vapors is far from new. Dabbing devices, though, are constantly evolving, providing better and faster ways to get the best out of cannabis. The same is with devices such as a weed pen. Up until 2009, a dab rig, a carb cap or a blow torch were the available options for dabbing. The wax dab pen was introduced that year, taking the dabbing scene by a storm.

Since then, it has become extremely popular in cannabis culture.

This should come as no surprise because as we will see below, the wax pen has multiple advantages that give it an edge over traditional dabbing devices.

Advantages of a Wax Dab Pen

Consuming a dab is guaranteed to instantly give you a high, or the effect that you desire, the method of dabbing notwithstanding. Still, the wax dab pen trounces other dabbing methods in several ways:

It is Discreet

Most cannabis users prefer to keep its use off the radar, especially due to the stigma that is still associated with cannabis consumption. A wax dab pen helps you to be discreet about it. Not only is it less obvious than, let’s say, the very conspicuous dab rig, but also any smell it produces dissipates in no time. This means no lingering odor on your clothes, hair, or in the air – a scenario that may be discomfiting to others in your shared space.

Consumption is Fun and Easy

A wax pen makes dabbing an exciting pastime, rather than feeling like a chore. Wax pens have innovative and appealing functionalities and designs. Some models allow you to set temperatures at your exact preferred range, thus controlling the quantity and quality of flavor.

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The devices have a retractable mouthpiece that allows you to clean inside, in addition to enabling you to replace the coil effortlessly. Other devices are even compatible with smartphone apps, assisting you to keep track of how much herb you’re using, which ensures you don’t overdo it, as well as helping you conserve your highly treasured stash.


The sheer convenience of the wax dab pen is one of its most endearing qualities. Its compact and light style ensures you can slip it in your pocket, wallet or purse, enabling you to get your much needed hit on the go. Operating it is a breeze, too, as you only need to load your dab, power up the device, and vape away. In comparison, a blow torch or a bong would be a pain to trot around and even bigger pain to set up, especially in unacquainted settings.


Cannabis wax can be quite expensive. A wax dab pen lets you vaporize very tiny amounts but with hard-hitting results. Furthermore, their control features and on and off powering option during puffs ensure you don’t waste any vapor, extending the life of your wax.

Quicker Function

Whether you’re dabbing for medical reasons such as pain relief, psychological reasons like anxiety, or for recreation, a wax dab pen gives you immediate relief, as opposed to taking time to set up a bong or an electric nail.

Eliminates Harmful Chemicals

Traditional dabbing options like a dab rig heats the wax at high temperatures which can trigger the release of toxins. A wax dab pen, on the other hand, heats the wax at a lower temperature, producing a vapor that’s still as potent, but toxin-free.

From saving money and time to taking your fun with you wherever you go, wax dab pens are the ideal dabbing tools. Also, thanks to their inconspicuousness, nobody has to know or get concerned with your business. Wax pens come with different prices and customizations to meet the budget and needs of everyone. Do you want to take your dabbing to the next level? Invest in a wax dab pen today.