A quick guide to CBD wax and CBD dabs

Water-soluble CBD oil has been revolutionary in the alternative medication world, but traditional vape oils and tinctures aren’t the only ways of taking this remarkable cannabinoid anymore. Concentrated CBD products like CBD wax have exploded onto the market, with consumers loving the hefty potencies and consistency. If standard vaping marked the first phase for CBD medication, CBD dabs are set to be the second.

What is CBD?

In short, CBD medication is effectively cannabis medication without the psychoactive side effects. One of the key compounds in the cannabis Sativa plant, cannabidiol (CBD), is a cannabinoid noted for its anti-depressant and anxiolytic properties, leading many to take it for depression and anxiety. A relaxant, CBD is great for relieving chronic pain and an array of physical problems.

But it’s the safety of CBD, which makes it a great alternative to prescribed drugs. It’s impossible to overdose on and completely non-addictive, allowing you to peaceably medicate until your heart’s content. Also, if you’re yet to find a solution to your complaint, you should give CBD a try!

How to dab CBD

Dabbing is all the rage nowadays, and both medical and recreational users are harnessing the power of dabbing potent wax. At first, it seems more complex than vaping or smoking, but it’ll be second nature once you know what you’re doing.

Before you start, you’ll need a water pipe and a nail (preferably titanium or quartz), along with a metallic utensil you can transfer your CBD wax onto the nail from its container. Get your CBD wax from https://cbdvapejuice.net/product-category/cbd-by-type/cbd-concentrates/. To simplify the process, you could invest in an electronic mail (or e-mail) – these will heat up to dabbing temperatures for you.

If you just have a standard nail, heat it with a blowtorch until it visibly goes red hot. Allow it to cool for a few seconds before applying your CBD dabs onto the nail and inhaling. Despite not being psychoactive, CBD’s rush is far greater than you’ll ever get from a standard vape, so be sure to dab responsibly!

The power of CBD wax

Dabbing CBD wax enables you to inhale vast quantities of CBD in one hit. For experienced users of CBD who’ve built a tolerance or those who simply need high dosages, CBD dabs mark a new dawn in medicating efficiency.

CBD wax is also a versatile form of CBD in that not only can it be vaped or dabbed, but consumed as an edible too. Since on its own CBD wax isn’t exactly tasty, many choose to mix it into cups of tea, coffee, or any hot drink. Via this method, the CBD takes longer to kick in, but the benefit is that you’ll feel the effects for much longer.

Final thoughts

CBD wax and CBD dabs may not be for everybody, but for serious CBD enthusiasts, they’re the most exciting products. Powerful, rapid, and side-effect free, waxes, and dabs transform the CBD world but medication altogether.

Not experienced the joys of CBD yet? It’s time to get involved.