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A Great Month for Your Blood Pressure

A Great Month for Your Blood PressureDo you have high blood pressure? Then May is your month to get your act together. May is not only National Stroke Awareness Month, but it also happens to be High Blood Pressure Education Month.

And what does this have to do with fiber? The connection is potassium. Sure, everyone knows that a diet low in sodium helps reduce blood pressure – but did you also know that increasing potassium in your diet might be just as important as lowering salt for lowering blood pressure?

And where exactly do you find potassium in the diet? Potassium is widespread in fruits and vegetables – those high fiber foods that are also naturally, and conveniently, low in sodium.

The kicker is you have to get the potassium from foods – not supplements. People with pre-existing or underlying heart conditions can be negatively impacted by taking supplemental or very high doses of potassium, such as those found in dietary supplements or salt-free salts like NuSalt and LiteSalt. Those products can disrupt heart rhythm and cause other health problems in at risk persons.

Confused? If you’re looking to lower salt intake and season food without high doses of potassium, try any of the Mrs. Dash products – they’re safe, salt-free seasoning blends – perfect for perking up all of those fruits and vegetables you’ll be eating this month!

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