A Detailed guide to Durian

Durian fruit belongs to the species known as the genus Durio. 30 recognized Durio species out of which nine produce edible fruits. There are 300 named varieties in Thailand and 100 in Malaysia. Durian recognized as the king of fruits is due to its distinctive large size, strong odor, and thorn-covered skin. The size of the fruit at which it can grow is 30 centimeters long and 15cm in diameter. It weighs from 1 to 3 kilograms. Depending on the species, the color of Durian can be husk green, brown, pale yellow, and red.

Amazing facts about Durian

The strong odor of Durian is a pleasantly sweet fragrance to some people, but others find its aroma overpowering. The fragrance of Durian evokes reactions from deep appreciation to intense disgust. Some people take it as rotten onions, turpentine, or raw sewerage which indicates a bad smell. Public transportation banned this fruit because of persistent odor which remained for several days in hotels and public transportation in Southeast Asia.

Why and where Durian is banned?

Causes of Durian fruit smell

The amino acid present in Durian fruit plays a key role in the formation of characteristic durian odor. The pulp of the durian emits a pungent and persistent smell resembling the smell of rotten onions. As the fruits ripen, the enzyme such as ethanethiol produces a strong pungent smell from Durian.

Which countries have banned Durian?

Durian is considered one of the stinky fruits that are illegal in the U.S. because the fruits smell so pungently bad that the U.S. government banned this fruit and prohibited people to carry it in public places like hotels, bus stations, and public transportation.

Due to the overpowering smell, Thailand, Japan, and Hong Kong have banned Durian in many public places. Also, Singapore has banned Durian. You can see the signs on taxis and public transportation that they refuse to transport the passengers carrying smelly fruit.

Best Durian in the World


Thailand is one of the leading producers and exporters of Durian. The production of Durian in Thailand is six times more than the overall production in the world. There are 230 varieties available of Durian. The common variety of Durian is Monthong and Chanee which is comparatively cheaper, whereas, the expensive variety is named Kan Yao.


Malaysia is the second top producer of Durian is having numerous farms for the public who love Durian. Malaysia is having 134 varieties of Durian out of which the most common types are Musang King, D24, and Red Prawn.


Davao City in Mindanao is also known as the Durian Capital of the Philippines. The fruit is such a big deal for the Davao region that its local economy is based on the export and tourism in terms of Durian production. They even hold a festival in honor of Durian.


Singapore’s obsession with Durian is on whole another level in that they have the highest per capita consumption of fruit every year. They even import other varieties from Malaysia over 22,000 tons of Durian.


The varieties available in Indonesia are not that much as compared to other countries but they are delicious. Some people often overlook Indonesia as a Durian Destination.

Varieties of Durian

Some of the popular Durians are:

Type Taste Rarity
D101 Mildly Sweet and Buttery Common
D13 Fragrant, Sweet, and Sticky Common
D24 Sultan Bitter Sweet and Creamy Common
D1 Mildly Sweet Common
Tekka Sweet and Floral Rare
Golden Phoenix Sharp and Bitter Uncommon
Mao Shan Wang Bitter, Creamy, and Sticky Common
Black Pearl Slightly Bitter and Creamy Rare
Black Thorn Intense and Bitter Very Rare
D17 Fairly Bitter and Soft Uncommon
Red Prawn Sweet Common
HorLor Mildly Sweet Uncommon
Monthong (Golden Pillow) Sweet Common
Chanee Soft and Buttery Rare
Kan Yao Creamy and Sweet Rare
Musang King Creamy Rare
Musang Queen Bitter Taste Rare

Quick Facts about Durian

  • Thailand grows Durian from April to August.
  • Bangkok produces Durian throughout the year.
  • Due to overpowering and pungent smell, Durian is banned from many hotels and public transports.
  • Durian is known as the king of fruits
  • Some people love Durian and hated by many
  • Mangosteen and Durian should be eaten together. Mangosteen is known as the queen of fruits
  • Eating Durian makes your body hot.
  • Do not eat Durian and drink alcohol together as it raises blood pressure. It’s a bad combo

Smelly but nutritious

Durian known as the king of fruits contains various nutrients that are important for the human diet. It is rich in vitamins such as Vitamin A and C. It contains Antioxidants and B-complex vitamins such as folic acid, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, and vitamin B6.

One cup serving of 243 grams of Durian pulp contains:

Nutrition Value
Calories 357
Fat 13g
Carbohydrates 66g
Fiber 9g
Protein 4g
Vitamin C 80%
Thiamine 61%
Manganese 39%
Vitamin B6 38%
Potassium 30%
Calcium 20%
Iron 14%
Riboflavin 29%
Copper 25%
Folate 22%
Magnesium 18%
Niacin 13%

Health Benefits

  1. Reduction of cancer: Antioxidant properties in durians are said to reduce the risk of cancer. Antioxidants fight free radicals, which also lowers the cancer risk. Polyphenols in durians stop the growth of cancer cells and it even kills the cancer cells.
  2. Cure of Anemia: Being a rich source of iron and folic acid, it can reduce the deficiency of anemia. Anemia can be triggered if the red blood cells produced in a human body are not in an adequate amount. This happens because of a deficiency of folic acid. Other minerals present in the human body also increase the production of red blood cells, which helps to transports other nutrients to the organs in a human body system. This is how anemia can be treated with the use of Durian.
  3. Cure of Insomnia: Sleeplessness or insomnia occurs because of depression or any other reason, but Durian can treat insomnia effectively. The presence of tryptophan in durian is an essential amino acid that converts into serotonin in our brain. It brings feelings of relaxation and happiness. Melatonin hormones are released because of Durian into the bloodstream that makes us tired and drowsy. This is how it can cure insomnia. Besides, vitamin B complex, calcium, and iron play a vital role in ensuring a good night’s sleep.
  4. Aphrodisiac: To improve sexual health, Durians are aphrodisiacs. Stimulates libido and revitalizes sex life. Vitamin B6 and potassium in Durian enhance sexual health. Blood vessels are relaxed and blood circulation is improved because of potassium and vitamin B6 that is a natural vasodilator.
  5. Collagen Synthesis Boost: To enhance the appearance of the skin, you need to eat Durian fruit on regular basis. Collagen is an essential amino acid, that helps to shape and structure the skin tissues. It also helps to make bones and joints strong. Antioxidants present in Durian such as Vitamin C, polyphenols, flavonoids, etc. helps to protect the skin cells and tissues. The oxidative damage from free radicals can also be cured along with the collagen production with the use of Durian.
  6. Hair Growth: Durian is having powerful antioxidants that improve the blood flow to the scalp. Healthy blood circulation ensures that follicles are receiving an adequate amount of nutrition from inside the human body system. Hair growth is increased with the growth of new hair follicles and it also improves the health of the scalp. Hair growth needs Vitamin B complex, zinc, and iron which is available in Durian. They play a vital role in treating dandruff, split ends, long and shiny hair, with a silky appearance.
  7. Skin pigmentation: Durian fruit helps to heal the skin pigmentation and it brings out the natural glow of the skin. Antioxidants like Vitamin A & C, polyphenols, phytonutrients detoxify the skin cells. The multitude of minerals present in Durian works to lighten the scars and dark spots on the skin. It also helps to even the skin tones because of dark tans, removes tan, reduces the signs of premature aging such as wrinkles.
  8. Improves immunity and metabolism: Immune system plays an important role in keeping us healthy. It works as a defense mechanism inside the human body. The immune system of our body prevents all pathogenic microbes such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi, etc. from entering our body and making us sick. Durian fruit can help us to strengthen our immune system because it contains Vitamin C.
  9. Helps you to gain weight: If you’re skinny and you want to gain weight, then eating Durian on a regular and moderate basis can help you to gain a few extra pounds. Eating Durian for weight gaining does not include false calories. For every 100 grams of Durian, you gain around 147 calories of energy. For day-to-day activities, it also provides an adequate amount of carbohydrates that release energy into the human body at a steady rate. It includes healthy fats that help to gain weight and improve our health.
  10. Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease: To regulate inflammatory enzymes and to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, the Durian fruit contains organosulfur. Fruits that have a high ratio of soluble dietary fiber, can help to lower the level of low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C). It helps to lower the risk of coronary heart disease. Durian containing high fiber content is a heart-friendly fruit.
  11. Prevent Depression: Based on recent surveys, shows that among people with depression will get better conditions after eating durian. This occurs because of the content of tryptophan as one type of amino acid that can be converted into serotonin, in addition to these substances can also make the body more relaxed, improve mood damaged, as well as create a feeling happier.
  12. Pressing Blood Pressure: Durian is rich in potassium, but very low salt content. This makes durian able to suppress blood pressure. Therefore, the FDA has allowed the industry durian to file formal recognition of the ability of durian in reducing the risk of high blood pressure and stroke.


Durian with 300 different varieties, consisting of essential minerals and nutrients can be used to treat and cure various diseases. Durian being banned because of overpowering and pungent smell is beneficial for the human body and health. This article is to provide you quick facts and information related to Durian you must be knowing.