A Brief Introduction to CBD For Your Black Friday Shopping Cart

The name ‘Marijuana’ has been heard in millions of people’s ears through the world and history. It is always mentioned not just by word of mouth but also in the news, on social media, online on the internet and between friends and family, and for good reason. The curiosity for this one famous plant has grown immensely and according to scientists and researchers, will continue to grow until it has been fully legalized in many of the countries.

Even though more people now more than ever in the history of the making, are hearing about it, there are still some that may be surprised by the one thing that has taken over medical laboratories and microscopes – CBD. This is an extract of the marijuana plant, also called cannabis. Useful information can be found online as well.

It is important not to confuse this with weed and this article is about to open your minds about this. Not to mention give you one more reason to add it to your shopping basket on black Friday!

If we had to explain to you all the various aspects of CBD, we would probably be here all day. so instead we will provide you with the simplest explanation and just the relevant information you need, for now, to decide whether to buy it or not. Read on.

What Is This CBD or Cannabidiol All About?

We will cut to the chase and get to the definition instead. This is a cannabinoid that is naturally produced on the inside of the hemp plant and although, similarly to other plant species, this one too has various strains, the most common being the Sativa, and the one responsible for the use of CBD in many products and extraction processes around the world. Those products you see on the shelves are all made from this strain. The CBD itself is extracted from both the flowers and the buds of the plant.

The notion that any form of CBD or marijuana will make you dizzy or nauseous is false. This is a very wide theory and was going to crack it for you. The reality of it is that if, what your eating or smoking contains CBD together with THC, then you may get high. Can you guess which of the two makes you feel like you floating on air? THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol. This is part of what’s extracted from the plants, however, it is not always present in everything because of two words – the extraction process.

There are various methods of extracting these compounds from the plants and when first removed they are as pure as they get with everything inside of it including flavonoids, natural terpenes (responsible for the taste and flavor), almost over 100 different types of cannabinoids https://www.healthline.com/health/does-cbd-get-you-high#legality, to name a few. But thanks to the advancements in technology there are now means by which one can separate these from each other and isolate them, i.e. only CBD (non-psychoactive) and only THC (psychoactive). So, your safe, don’t worry about getting high.

The Workings Of CBD

Without getting into too many details, how the mechanisms of this incredible component work are that they interact with our incredible system, and the magnificent thing about it is, our system i.e. called the endocannabinoid system, is an exceptionally powerful place for the CBD to be if it wants to make the most out of itself.

This ECS is an intricate array of processes in our bodies that has many moving parts that work together in a theatrical performance of maintaining the body’s internal environment and processes. It is constantly changing and helps keep everything working to its optimal levels. Sometimes, however, this entire system is jeopardized by various health conditions and issues causing either an endocannabinoid deficiency or various other unfavorable things.

Because researchers knew this would happen, they started to experiment with cannabinoids and were pleasantly surprised to see positive results and benefits when introducing patients that suffered from an array of diseases and health conditions to CBD. From big issues to the smallest ones, almost 70% of patients, on average, from various controlled groups, had beneficial results.

The various types of conditions showed promising results towards included, inflammation, pain, tumors, certain types of cancers, seizures, anxiety, depression, joint pain, immobility issues, mental conditions, epilepsy, to name a few.

And Then Some

And Then Some

Because of the above, simplified version, of why Cannabinoids and Cannabis extract is so marvelous, manufacturers and suppliers such as Cheefbotanicals made the most out of it, and began producing all sorts of formats with this compound in it, ranging from food to drinks, creams, capsules, chocolates, tinctures, pet supplements, shampoos, body products and everything you can think of that you can add to your carts for black Friday – because it is all it’s cracked up to be!