9 Crucial Network Performance Concerns That Affects Online Gaming

A major obstacle that is plaguing online gaming is having control over user experience. Due to the unpredictability of the web, there is little capability of controlling game performance. Here are nine of the crucial network performance concerns that influences online gaming.

Online Gaming Funnel

Moving clients through a funnel, irrespective of gaming, marketing or sales, is generally not easy. With digital products, internet performance is a crucial element for converting prospects into clients. The same goes with the online gaming funnel. Optimizing your gaming funnel means you must optimize network speed. Landing pages must load within two seconds. During the installation stage, downloading the game necessitates low network latency, therefore advanced downloading time.

User Experience

Regulating user experience involves more than just game development. Anticipation of a particular outcome when the user is playing your online game can be disrupted due to poor network performance. Regulating your network connection by using web accelerator, CDN, and network optimizers can offer user experience regulation. Network performance is directly linked to user experience. Check out these igaming operators not registered at gamstop for uk players if you’re interested in online casino gaming.

Content Delivery Networks May Lack Efficiency

It’s possible that your CDN (content delivery network) is not sufficient for optimizing gameplay. As more games steer clear from downloaded installations, more communication happens between the server and user. This may result in possible network congestion or packet loss. Acknowledging your CDM may not be sufficient is the best step towards enhancing online gaming performance.

Mobile Gaming

Mobile users have more gaming options, therefore limited tolerance for having a poor gameplay experience due to network speed. Playing online games on mobile devices means connection to servers to allow updates more regularly. This is because of the lesser storage capacity on the devices. Therefore, leaving a game developer means more reliance on mobile network connectivity.

Real-Time Gaming Online

Real-time online gaming necessitates updates immediately base on user actions. Therefore, network health is critical to gaming experience. Once a user experiences packet loss during real-time gaming, it could mean a loss instead of a win. Low latency network connections are vital since more games are moving to this format. Low network latency with real-time gaming involves more than using CDN. If you are looking for the best Toto site, just check out 토토사이트.


Time-to-play in online gaming involves the time it takes for the game to become playable. There are two ways for improving this:

  • Lowering the number of data packages that are transferring.
  • Increasing the transferring speed of each data packet.

Lowering the time-to-play can drastically enhance the conversion rate from just a game installation to an involved user.

Network Performance

The performance of an online gaming network influences gameplay. The network performance involves everything to do with online gaming. As more data in online gaming is transferred over the web, if the connection can be controlled or at least offer likelihood, you’ll be able to regulate user experience.

Network Obtainability And Uptime

With a network outage, you can end up losing users and revenue. A network outage could be due to network congestion or a server failure. Maximizing network obtainability and uptime is key. Design your network to be capable of adjusting in the event of spikes during game usage.

Network Failover Protection

In the event of a cloud region or server going down, which do happen, recovery is the single solution. The present resolutions for a failed region are contingent on DNS failover. However, it could take anything from one to thirty minutes to recover which could be a costly solution to you. Taking the necessary actions for protecting a failover occurrence are critical. Opt for a failover solution that can have you back online within seconds.