7 Tips for Choosing the Right CBD Oil

So, you have decided to try CBD oil, huh? That’s great because this oil is known for its incredible health benefits. Namely, it can provide many benefits; reduce pain, inflammation, and anxiety, improve your gut health and help with acne, to name but a few.

But, when it comes to buying CBD oil and CBD vape oil, there are some things you need to consider, before purchasing the product. The discovery of CBD’s potential health benefits together with the legalization that made CBD available in many countries in the world has resulted in increased production of the oil and immense number of companies producing it. Truth to be told, among all these manufacturers the quality and reliability of the products greatly vary. Therefore, if you are about to choose your first CBD oil, here are some tips to help you choose the right one.

1. Check the Ingredients

Checking the ingredients of the CBD oil is of utmost importance. Moreover, the ingredients listed will tell you what the oil is made from and what it contains. For instance, the label will tell you if the oil is derived from cannabis or hemp plant and the concentration of cannabidiol in percentages. You will also find info of other supporting ingredients, such as MCT oils or melatonin, or in some cases harmful ingredients.

2. Check the THC Content

CBD oils usually don’t contain THC or contain it in inconsiderable amounts. However, you should always check for this, if it is important for you to avoid consuming THC induced products. Furthermore, in some countries THC infused products are restricted so you do not have to worry about the oil being clear of THC, however, in some countries, products with 0.3% or less THC concentration are allowed. In any case, the manufacturer is obliged to include this info in the product’s label.

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3. Check the Origin

The origin of the CBD oil is yet another important factor you should consider. If it comes from a country that hasn’t legalized medical marijuana, the plant from which the oil derives might be cultivated in compromising conditions, i.e. in hazardous soil which might contain heavy metals and other poisonous elements. Therefore, you should always buy a CBD oil that comes from a country that has legalized medical marijuana with confirmed and tested growing and producing conditions.

4.Choose a CBD Oil With Co2 Extraction

In order to derive the CBD oil from cannabis or hemp, it has to be extracted from the plant following a certain process. Moreover, there are several extraction methods that are commonly used for producing CBD oil. Among them, the most commonly used are CO2 extraction, olive oil extraction, dry ice extraction, or solvent-based extraction.

Of all these methods, the CO2 extraction method is stated to be the best. This is mainly because the final product is pure oil, very potent, and safe to use. So, it’s recommended that you buy CBD oils that are produced by using this particular extraction method.

On the other hand, the solvent-based extraction method is the worst one. This method uses harmful chemicals for the purpose of extracting the oil from the plant.

5. Buy CBD Oil That Has Third-party Results

Before buying CBD oil you can always check the ingredients listed on the label found on the bottle of the product. However, the labels are not always reliable in terms of revealing the true content of the product. Therefore, in order to be 100% sure you are buying a safe product, meaning a product that contains regulated levels of CBD, clear of THC or within the legally allowed levels, you have to check the third-party results. You can find this information either on the manufacturer’s website or request it from their customer service.

6. Buy Only Organic CBD Oil

Whether a CBD oil is organic or not it’s pretty important, especially if it’s derived from a hemp plant. The hemp plants are often used for the purpose of removing chemicals, pesticides, and other harmful elements from the soil. Moreover, these properties of the plant, to clean the soil it grows in, can result in producing harmful CBD product if the plants are not cultivated in regulated conditions. On the other hand, if you buy a CBD oil, which is extracted from an organically grown hemp plant, it means there are no harmful elements in it and the product is high quality and pure.  You should also try CBD gummies as well.

7. Choose a Full-spectrum CBD Oil

You may or may not know that there are two types of CBD oil in terms of components – CBD isolates and full-spectrum CBD oils. While the CBD isolate contains only cannabidiol, the full-spectrum oil contains other cannabinoids including terpenes, flavonoids, CBN, CBC, and many others. Having all these cannabinoids included, the full-spectrum CBD oil is a more potent and possibly a better choice. This oil provides an entourage effect that can boost its beneficial effects on your body and mind.

Having so many companies on the market that produce CBD oil, it can be really difficult to make the right choice. That’s why, apart from considering all the things mentioned above, you should also check if the particular CBD oil comes from a trusted manufacturer. You can check this by visiting the manufacturer’s website, read more about the company, their history in pharmacy, their customer reviews, and check if they provide complete information on the product’s ingredients, extraction method, origin, and other relevant info. Furthermore, reliable companies will offer a money-back guarantee for their product(s) if the customer is not satisfied, which is pretty much ensuring you are buying a high-quality CBD oil from a trusted manufacturer.