7 Simple Changes to Budget for Your Ignition Interlock Lease

One important factor to consider after a drunk driving conviction is the financial implication. There are a lot of things you will have to pay for such as the legal costs and your ignition interlock device lease.

If you are faced with this problem, this article has answers for you. Also, see here for the best interlock in Washington.

Saving Money

Since it is very unlikely that you will be able to get another job at such short notice or even have time for it, the best way to go ahead is to cut down on your current expenses in order to free up more money. This money can go into your budget. Here are some ways to help you save money:

Eat Out Less

People spend a lot of money eating out. If you can reduce how often you need to eat out, you will definitely save money.

Eating is compulsory, of course. However, eating out is not.

It is time to slip back to homemade meals for a while. Start by making a list of all the homemade meals you enjoy. Circle out those you can cook and then buy groceries for those meals. Remember that you need to have discipline and dedication.

Have Fun At Home

Rather than going out to party, invite friends over. This plan has a lot of benefits.

Primarily, since you are at home and do not need to drive, you can actually drink safely.

One major benefit is that you will spend less at home. Night outs are expensive and one of the best ways to save money is to stay home. You can even use the extra time to pick up a new hobby.

Buy Items That Are On Sale

Remember that the aim is to save money. You cannot do this if you buy expensive things. During the period when money is tight, it is wiser to stick to buying only products that are on sale.

When you buy goods that are on sale, you save money. In simple terms, you have more money to put towards other expenses.

Speak to Your Credit Card Provider


If you dedicate a bit of time to emails and/or phone calls, you might be able to save some money.

The first step is to call your credit card provider. If you have a balance on your card, each month you spend an amount on interest.

If you have kept up with payments, you might be able to ask that they lower the rate.

Carry Out Research

Not all Interlock Device Providers have the same rates. In fact, the difference in rates can b significantly different at times.

What does this mean for you?

Well, for one thing, if you are yet to pick your Interlock Device Provider, you can now carry out research and focus on the payment plans offered. If you have chosen, however, search for a better provider, and when you find one, make the switch.

Pack your lunch.

Turn your Hobby to a Side Job

If you have a hobby such as making jewellery, baking, painting, or reading, you can make money off it.

This extra money made can go towards your bills due to your conviction.

These days, a simple search on the website will reveal several websites that you can sell your skills on.

Best of all:

It is not a full-time job so the hours are fully up to you.

Follow the Rules

When you break the rules by doing something such as driving drunk, missing a meeting, failing to go for your check-up, or other things, you risk getting a service lockout.

When you et a service lockout, you will have to purchase another Interlock Device which will cost you more.

Obeying the rules and doing what is required will help you save money.