7 Life-Changing Health Benefits of Drinking Tea

If you’re one of those people who habitually drink tea to relax, keep it up. Studies have proven that this awesome beverage is good for your health. More than just a drink made from leaves, tea has a rich history, and it is an integral part of some cultures around the world. In fact, it may have helped shape US history and explain why tea has an intense rivalry with coffee.

Nowadays, more and more people are turning back to tea for its taste and healing benefits. If you’re thinking of switching from coffee to tea, you’re in the right place. Here are life-changing reasons you should drink more tea.

Natural Remedy for Mild Maladies

There’s a pill for most aches and pains now, thanks to modern medicine. People in the past relied on tea as a natural remedy, and it has been proven that it works. Black tea is good for digestive troubles because its anti-inflammatory properties can help ease diarrhea and other stomach issues.

Chamomile tea helps promote better sleep. Lemon tea helps with colds and the flu. Green tea is full of antioxidants and good for when you want to lose weight and stronger bones. The popularity of teas has allowed scientists and enthusiasts alike to produce many flavored variants that are currently out in the market today.

Helps Lower Risks of Fatal Diseases

Another long-term benefit of drinking tea is that it helps fight off fatal diseases. Drinking tea has been linked with fighting off free radicals, which are agents that are strongly linked to cancer, degenerative neurological disorders, and even heart disease. Again, certain varieties of tea each have their own respective properties that can effectively lower illnesses.

Great for Weight Loss

To lose weight effectively, you need the right diet and exercise. It also helps to avoid overly processed and sugary foods. Doing all these things diligently will help shed the excess pounds right off.

If you want to aid your body in fat burning, drinking green tea can help you with that. It is full of antioxidants that help improve fat burning and metabolism. If you’re not fond of the regular leaf herbal infusion, consider trying matcha.

Matcha is a variant of green tea but is much more potent as it is made up of crushed green tea leaves instead of an infusion. The flavor profile is much more delightful and less herbal-tasting and easier to prepare as well.

All you need to do is take some powdered matcha and combine it with water. Matcha is quite popular, and its flavor is so well-loved that you can easily find it incorporated in more creative food formats, such as lattes, smoothies, cakes, and even ice cream.

Caffeine without the Crash

Like coffee, tea has caffeine, but in tea, it is substantially lower, so you can get your fix without crashing. There have been numerous studies that found too much caffeine to be harmful to the body. Therefore, drinking tea is a perfect pick-me-up during a busy workday because you get antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, which make it a perfect beverage to help you keep your calm and focus. Plus, the lowered caffeine allows you to drink up to five cups of green tea daily.

Reduces Signs of Aging

The antioxidant properties in tea cannot be emphasized enough because they do so much for the body, including reducing the signs of aging. If you’re someone who is conscious of your skin and wrinkles alike, drinking tea can help improve your complexion. The antioxidants can help repair and regenerate cells in your body, so you’ll always look radiant.

Strengthens Teeth and Reduces Bad Breath

Tea contains tannins and fluoride, which can help keep your teeth healthy. Both can prevent the buildup of plaque and tooth-decaying bacteria. Tea also contains polyphenols, which help with halitosis, or bad breath. Drinking tea combined with good oral hygiene and biannual dental visits can help your smile looking great.

Provides Better Hydration Than Water Does

Even though tea contains caffeine and it is linked to having a diuretic effect on the body, tea actually hydrates better than water does. Tea provides the added benefits of vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals. Moderate consumption of tea has no dehydrating effect on the body.

Get Your Drink On

If you’ve been meaning to hold off on caffeinated and sugary beverages like soda and artificially flavored juices, tea is a great alternative. Not only is it healthier, but there are also a lot of benefits you can get from drinking just one cup of it daily. If you love variety, there are plenty to choose from as well.

What is your favorite flavor of tea, and why do you like it? Sound off in the comments below.