6 Simple Ways To Deal With Period Pain Naturally

Even as you menstruate for close to three decades of life, dealing with period pain is hard. Almost half of women have to struggle with it in varied forms, from cramps to headaches and general discomfort. Since it happens month after month, taking painkillers does not make sense because long-term use has side effects. Fortunately, there are ways to address period pain naturally and effectively. You only need to identify the remedies that work for you. Here is a list of tried and tested ones to stay comfortable and pain-free even during those days of the month.

Brew healthy herbal teas

Just sipping on a cup of hot herbal tea can do wonders for pain relief. Herbs like chamomile, fennel, and ginger have antispasmodic compounds and anti-inflammatory properties. They alleviate the muscle spasms in your uterus and curb cramps. Herbal teas also relax your brain, which makes them great for stress relief. A cup at bedtime will help you sleep better throughout the night.

Eat anti-inflammatory foods

Like herbs and spices, some foods also curb inflammation with their natural anti-inflammatory action. They promote blood circulation and relax your uterus. You only have to include them in your diet during periods to experience relief from cramps. Load up on green vegetables, walnuts, almonds, and fatty fish like salmon. Eating berries, pineapples, tomatoes, and turmeric also helps.

Try medical cannabis

Cannabis has emerged as a potent medicinal aid in recent years after it attained legal status. Vaping is the best method for relieving period pain as the effects set in right away. Start by picking a strain that works for pain relief. You can invest in a scientific glass bong because these are great for beginners. These bongs bring together the best look and functionality, so you get the smoothest hits for rapid pain relief.

Drink more water

Most women complain about bloating during menstruation. The symptom is often hard to handle as it makes menstrual cramps worse. Hydration addresses the issue without much work, as drinking water curbs bloating during your period. It also facilities muscle relaxation and enhances blood flow throughout your body. You are less likely to suffer from uterine contractions when blood circulation is smooth.


Although you feel lazier than usual during periods, it is vital to be active. Don’t let the fear of pain keep you from exercising because it can bring lasting relief naturally. Exercise releases endorphins that relax your muscles, reduce pain and make you feel happy. You need not do heavy lifts to experience these benefits. Just a few minutes of brisk walking, light stretching, or yoga are enough to get results.

Skip sugar and caffeine

It is easy to reach out for a brownie or a cup of hot coffee when you feel low, but these treats wouldn’t help. They can only worsen your symptoms, so skip them altogether because they often cause bloating and inflammation. Grab an apple to fight sugar cravings and opt for a cup of herbal tea instead of coffee. You will feel energetic and comfortable with the right options in food and drinks.

Period pain is also linked with stress, so take measures to alleviate stress naturally. Meditation, deep breathing, music, and aromatherapy can help. Apply heat on your pelvic area and massage gently to feel better. Most importantly, stay away from painkillers.