5 Types of Treatment Options Rehabs Offer

According to a survey in 2017, 20.7 million people over the age of 12 in the United States need rehab treatment to overcome substance abuse health disorders – an alarming number for a nation. Countless families, relationships and communities are affected by substance abuse, and millions lose their homes, earnings and often lives due to it.  Drug Addiction is very crucial and in order to get rid of it completely, one has to go through a proper Rehab Treatment. For the same you can check Caron Foundation reviews.

If you are struggling with addiction or your loved one needs rehab care, you have to be sure that the treatment succeeds. Otherwise, both finances and precious life will be at stake.

Here, you’ll find out what suitable and effective options you have in rehab treatment.

Let’s begin!

Why Should You Choose a Suitable Rehab Treatment Option?

Every person has a different situation in life that includes the availability of finances, time, and will to take on things. Rehab treatment centers offer multiple options to patients, and each has an associated cost of time, finances, and commitment.

Some people can afford to leave everything and stay in rehab for over 45 days or more. Yet, many cannot even think to stop their day-to-day routine due to financial constraints or other reasons, such as caring for the family. In such cases, in-house treatment is not feasible, but you can choose an outpatient program to recover without bringing your life to a halt.

Other people do not have the strong will to change their thinking and tendencies towards addictive substances. In such cases, prolonged counseling and therapy are essential to put a person back on the right track and inpatient programs may work. Therefore, choosing the right rehab treatment option is necessary to recover completely from substance abuse.

List of Available Rehab Treatment Options

Choosing rehab for your addiction is always the right choice that puts your life back on track after the program. Here are your options!

1. Inpatient Rehab

Inpatient rehab treatment is a structured program that takes from 45 days to 6 months, depending on the level of addiction, substance abuse, and health. Patients are put in a facility where no addictive substance is available and are strictly bound to stay in the facility at any cost during the treatment time.

Patients go through withdrawal and detoxification in the first week, and medications are administered to clean the body from substances. Next, counseling and therapy are started to change the patient’s mindset toward addictive substances.

During inpatient rehab, patients spend enough time away from drugs and addictive substances under the therapeutic influence to develop a will to change their lives after the treatment. Yet, relapses happen with many patients returning to old habits, but there are also many success stories.

2. Outpatient Rehab

Outpatient rehab programs are for people who cannot leave their daily routine at any cost. This program provides them with the necessary recovery treatment without bounding them to one place.

The patient is detoxed once at the facility and prescribed specific medicines to counter the urge of addictive substances. Also, sessions are scheduled for counseling and therapy once or twice a week. So, the patient can counter all triggers that compel them to use the substance again.

3. Detoxification

Stopping drug use is never easy because the patient has to undergo severe withdrawal. In such cases, detoxification is the only option to get the substance out of the patient’s system. Rehab treatment centers offer detoxification to mildly addicted people and help them clean their bodies from drugs. Next, they can use their willpower to stay away from addictive substances.

4. Sober Living Homes

Most people have relapsed after coming out of rehab because they could not develop healthy habits and strengthen their will to stop the urge. That’s why sober living homes provide a suitable option and a safe place to stay away from addictive substances and develop a healthy lifestyle. Many patients choose sober living homes for at least three months after inpatient rehab treatment. Also, sober living homes provide you with a community of people who want to change their habits and start a new life. That’s why many people succeed because everyone around them commits against addiction.

5. Addiction Treatment Medications

If you cannot leave your current life want a recovery option, you can take addiction treatment medications. Such medications help you through withdrawal, stop cravings, and cure supplementary disorders. Also, you’ll get the same medications during inpatient treatment, but you’ll not live in the facility or get therapy sessions. Such an option is suitable for a person who has a very short history of addiction. Yet, chronological addicts might not succeed using addiction treatment medications without counseling and therapy.


Choose rehab treatments according to your level of addiction and your life situation. It’s best to start an inpatient program and try sober living homes afterward. Yet, if it is not possible for you, get detoxified and use addiction treatment medication, along with regular counseling sessions. You’ll get the willpower to change your life for the good. Have a great day.