5 Tips to Help Someone Start Their Addiction Recovery Process

As per the latest stats, over 9.1% of Connecticut residents reported using illicit drugs at least once. One of the best things you can do to ensure your success in the journey toward addiction recovery is to surround yourself with a strong support group.

Recovering addicts may need the most help with this part, as it’s easy for loved ones to become frustrated when their addict friends or family members are struggling with sobriety.

Luckily, there are many different ways that loved ones can offer support without being too overbearing during this difficult time. Try these tips on how to kickstart your loved one’s addiction recovery CT.

1. Offer to Help Your Loved One Get Clean

Finding clean, affordable housing is often one of the biggest hurdles recovering addicts face after they’ve decided to get sober. If you can offer a helping hand by offering up your home as a clean, sober living environment, it just might help give your loved ones the push they need to get started on their recovery.

2. Offer to Participate in Relapse Prevention Training

There’s a big difference between being there for your loved one and enabling their drug or alcohol use. Enabling is only going to lead to relapse, which will be devastating for everyone involved.

By offering to participate in a training workshop from online suboxone doctors for people with opioid use disorder (OUD) on how to differentiate between enabling and assistance, you can help ensure the success of both the addict and those who care about them.

3. Encourage Them By Providing a Strong Support Network

Recovering addicts need all the support they can get as they take their first steps toward sobriety. Offering your time, energy, and love can go a long way toward helping an addict succeed at abstaining from drugs or alcohol.

Reaching out to others can also make a huge difference. People in recovery often find great comfort and strength in their fellow group members working toward sobriety.

4. Set Clear Boundaries and Expectations

Recovering addicts will need your support more than ever during the early days of addiction recovery, but it’s essential to understand that they will not be able to stand on their own two feet just yet.

Setting clear boundaries and expectations is an excellent way for loved ones to remain supportive and allow addicts plenty of time to focus on themselves and build up sober habits without feeling overwhelmed.

5. Offer to Help With Basic Necessities When Your Loved One is Struggling

That doesn’t mean giving them money or picking them up when they are too drunk to drive. Offering to cook meals, do laundry, go grocery shopping, take care of their pets, or anything else that can help your loved one avoid the stress of daily life is always a good idea in the early days of addiction recovery.

Get Them Help from an Addiction Recovery Specialist in Connecticut

Addiction recovery is a complex process, so it’s essential to take the time to learn everything you can. Whether you’re an addict looking for help or someone who wants to support their recovering loved one, there are many excellent resources available from addiction recovery specialists. The first step towards addiction recovery in CT is knowing where to start!