5 Hand Exercise Tools You Must Have

If you are a fitness enthusiast, your obsession with exercising tools and pieces of equipment is understandable. It needs immense dedication and regular exercise patterns to maintain the required fitness standards. While most of the gym equipment may be expensive, there are cheaper hand exercise tools that you can buy online for your daily exercising needs. Here are the 5 tools that you must have.

Hand Grip Strengthener

Athletes of all skill levels use hand grip strengtheners. They are stout springs with handles on them. This tool isolates the muscles that are important to grip strength. You can work out with them in repeated sets and tone your fingers and wrists.

Use it to perform squeeze and release exercises and reverse squeeze too. Most importantly, you can keep this tool in your office due to a small size and work out more frequently.

Digital Hand Dynamometer

Unlike conventional hefty and rough-looking hand exercising tools, a digital dynamometer looks like an advanced technological device that scores high in the sophisticated looks department. This dynamometer comes with a large LCD screen with a display of your grip measurement.

If you’ve always wanted to know your grip strength, you should definitely consider buying this tool. All you need to do is tightly grasp the grip provided, and you can accurately get the grip measurement on the display screen.

This will also motivate you to work out more and increase your grip measurement over time. That’s because the device stores all the previous records and helps you improve them. Another highlighting feature of this device is that it can store multiple users’ data, and you can share that.


These finger-resistant exercise squeezers can vary with the level of firmness. These are great options for working out when you are in the office or traveling. These are also great stress busters along with hand trainers.

The squeezers come in various shapes, sizes, and colors, so you can accordingly choose them. These are comfortable to use for all age categories and can be a great hand workout tool.

Grip Master

The grip master is quite a hefty tool as compared to the other exercising equipment. The top specialty of this tool is that it isolates every finger. You can put the fingers in the various slots and begin exercising with all your strength.

Professional athletes or trainers can also use this tool. It basically strengthens the weaker fingers because each finger will have to put an effort to grip the device. The spring-loaded pressure system provides for the precision needed.

Hand Grip Strengthening Set

You can go for a hand grip strengthening set if you are looking for simultaneously exercising both the hands and fingers. Each of the tools provides various levels of resistance. These can also be used as exercising tools at work or while traveling.

These hand exercise tools are not only used by professionals but also by those who have arthritis. There are many benefits of these hand exercising tools. You can choose the tools accordingly to increase your strength capacity and exercising needs and begin exercising more frequently than regular.