5 Golden Tips to Boost Your Immune System

He who wishes to live long should not overlook boosting his immune system. There’s a direct link between our immune system and how we cope with health challenges. The more efficient your immune system, the less susceptible you are to sickness.

The immune system is our body’s way of fighting off illness. It is the body’s natural defense to diseases. A bolstered immunity means a strengthened natural defence, and likewise otherwise. There are living habits you can imbibe to bolster your immunity. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Eat a Balanced Diet

If you’ve ever come across this nugget of wisdom, “you are what you eat,” you should understand it means that “your diet and immunity are closely tied.

A poor and imbalanced diet increases your vulnerability to disease. To strengthen your body’s immune system, you need well-balanced and varied diets with adequate amounts of nutrients, micro-nutrients, proteins and energy. A nutritional supplement like Balance of Nature may help to achieve well-rounded nourishment to keep your body healthy.

Try to consume plant based fruits like fruits, vegetables, spices and herbs. They are essential to bolstering your immune system. Taking whole grain versions of proteins is also better than other forms of protein. Reducing foods that are high in sugar, fats and salt is equally important. Make sure to eat fermented foods and always stay hydrated. And, lastly, minimize processed foods.

2. Moderate Physical Exercise

We often think of exercise as a way of building muscles. Yes, it is, but there’s more to it. Moderate physical activity is essential for a healthy immune system.

Just like a healthy diet, exercise can help your immune system. When you engage in moderate physical exercise like bicycling, swimming, jogging and brisk walking, your blood circulation will earn a boost, allowing your immune cells to regenerate and travel throughout your body.

Experts advise that you get at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week. Committing to a regular 30 minutes of physical activity everyday is the way.

3. Supplement Wisely

At times, it is possible not to get all the nutrients we need from food. That’s why people turn to supplements. Supplementing wisely is also one of the ways to boost your immunity. Several researches have revealed that some immune health supplements such as Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc and elderberry can influence our body’s natural defence mechanism.

While supplements have demonstrated potential in improving immunity, their effect can be undermined if you don’t take care of your diet.

Furthermore, supplements are prone to mislabeling, you need to be wary of what, where and from whom you buy.

4. Get Adequate Sleep

Getting enough night rest is instrumental to a healthy immune system. If you are not getting adequate night rest, there’s a high possibility of sickness.

When we sleep, our body rest and regenerates, making up for the deficiencies we’ve incurred during the day. Not having sleep prevents our body from regenerating completely. The immune system wears down as a result, becoming less active to fight off illness or recover quickly.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, adults should get at least 7 hours of sleep every night to optimize health. Teens need 8-10 hours, while younger children can have up to 14 hours.

5. Control Your Stress

New or prolonged, stress knocks your body off its immune gallantry. In other words, stress suppresses your immune health. Prolonged or long-term stress causes imbalance of the immune cells. Relieving yourself of stress is important to the overall immune health.

You can manage and control your stress by some mindfulness practices such as yoga, meditation, and exercise. You can also seek professional help if you are struggling to get over it.

On A Final Note

Boosting your immune system requires puzzling a lot of things together. If you are truly interested in boosting your immune system. Keep up with the healthy immune habits above.

Although pulling it all off can be challenging as you start, try as much as possible to never lose focus. Remember, your body health and immunity is at stake.