3 Reasons College Accreditation Is Important

There are multiple ways that accreditation can impact the student experience at a college or university. These are three of the reasons it is important to attend an accredited school.

1. Access to Financial Aid

Schools that are accredited by an agency recognized by the US Department of Education or the Council for Higher Education Accreditation, such as Grand Canyon University accreditation by the Higher Learning Commission, are eligible to receive state and federal financial aid, such as grants and subsidized loans. Accreditation is also a requirement for most private financial aid sources, particularly scholarships.

2. Employment Opportunities

Employers may choose to disregard any academic credentials earned from an unaccredited school. The reason for this is that accredited schools are held to a minimum standard by the accrediting agencies. Without that standard, there is no guarantee that graduates have received a quality education, which may cause employers to be skeptical that potential employees will be qualified to do the jobs they have applied for. Additionally, people in professions that have requirements for minimum levels of education, such as Certified Public Accountants, may face penalties if it is discovered that their education was not completed at an accredited school, such as Grand Canyon University accreditation professionals.

3. Quality of Education

Accreditation does not guarantee high-quality education, but it does guarantee that the school has at least met the minimum standards required to receive accreditation. Additionally, because unaccredited schools are not eligible to receive any federal or state funding, they may lack the resources to attract quality instructors, maintain up-to-date facilities and support students.

Accreditation is important for students to know the school they are considering has met minimum standards, is eligible to receive federal and state funding and can receive student aid money. Without accreditation, the student has few guarantees that the education they will receive will be recognized by employers or other schools.