12 Things About Dogs That Will Probably Surprize You

Dogs make fantastic pets and are the perfect companions to humans. They are fun-loving, friendly, cuddly, and a loyal friend to the end. Dogs don’t ask questions, and they are always happy to see you when you get home. Here are a few unusual facts about dogs that would probably surprise you.

1. Dogs Can See Colors

Did you know that canines are not colorblind? Although the range of colors they can see is limited in comparison to ours, they can see beyond just black, white, or grey. The canine color spectrum includes mainly blues, yellows, and violets.

2. Dogs Have An Unusual Method Of Drinking

When dogs drink, they actually roll the back of their tongues to create a small cup.

3. Dogs Have Groovy Hairstyles

When a poodle’s coat is outgrown, they flaunt natural dreadlocks. However, most poodle owners have their dog’s coat groomed short for an adorable and fluffy look.

4. Dogs Have A Tremendous Sense Of Smell

Dogs can smell things ten thousand to hundred times stronger than humans can.

5. Military Tags Were Nicknamed After Dog Tags

Did you know that military identification tags were dubbed “dog tags” because they looked like doggie tags? Dog tags originated in the 1850s when they were attached to a canine’s collar for identification purposes for dogs that were killing livestock. Soon after, soldiers started wearing identification tags (since the 1960s) so that families could be notified if something happened to them or if they died during the war. You can find more informative pet-related articles on Fuzzy Rescue.

6. Every Dog Has An Individual Nose Print

Dogs and cats have unique nose prints, like a human’s fingerprint. This means that a dog can be identified by using a nose print. When you look closely, you’ll notice the fine line and ridge patterns on their noses.

7. Dogs Have High Temperatures

The average body temperature of dogs is 101 to 103 degrees Fahrenheit. Unfortunately, this is the reason why fleas are attracted to them because fleas flourish on hot bodies.

8. Dogs Get Ear Pain From A Thunderstorm Sound Frequency

Most dogs appear to be scared of a thunderstorm, but in fact, they are reacting to ear pain. The sound frequency radiated during a thunderstorm can actually hurt a dog’s ears.

9. Dog Movies Always Rank High

Everyone loves movies that star dogs. The top-earning dog film of all time is the film called “Marley and me” which aired in 2008. The film grossed an enormous $142 992 475.

10. Dogs Don’t Sweat Like Us

Dogs are not sweating through their skin like us humans. They emancipate heat through their paw pads and through panting.

11. Why Dogs Spin Around Before Lying Down

You must have noticed that your canine turns around in circles a few times before settling down for a nap. This action is instinctive and is generally used by dogs in the wild for sleep comfort and smashing down long grass. It makes them feel safe.

12. Dogs Bite With Severe Pressure

A pooch’s mouth can put down 150 to 200 pounds of pressure on average per square inch. Some can go as high as 450 pounds.