11 Yoga Mantras for Your Practice to Set Good Intentions

What is your way of slowing down after a hectic day or week? Our daily lives are packed with things to do and sometimes lots of frustrating thoughts. 

Yoga mantras are a powerful mind healing tool. They are more than words repeated many times. Research shows reciting a mantra can help to slow the mind and clear cluttered thoughts. 

You can use yoga mantras in meditation to improve your focus levels or connect to your inner being. Take a look at these 11 amazing mantras you can use to set good intentions.

1. Om

Om is a simple yet one of the most powerful yoga mantras. Chanting it shows your recognition for the power of the universe. It uplifts your soul and attunes you to divine nature. 

For many years, Buddhists and Hindus have used the OM to signify the divine. You can pronounce it as AUM. Reciting it can help you connect with the divine, create inner peace and center yourself. 

2. So Hum: Contemplation Yoga Mantra

The hum mantra is a chance to focus your unsettled mind on the mystery of existence. It means “I am that”, where that refers to the entire creation. So hum signifies the fact that you’re connected to a universe that nourishes your desires and needs.

The idea that you’re part of the universal energy provides feelings of comfort, care, and security. You can use the mantra when you’re down, lonely, and unprotected.

3. Sky Above Me, Earth Below Me, Fire Within Me

When seeking peace, stability, and motivation, tap into the power of this poetic mantra. You can use it while jogging, walking or when meditating to amplify its power. From it, you find the strength to navigate your current situations. 

The mantra reveals we have a solid foundation and the passion to pursue any adventure. Regardless of your current situation, you can navigate any path. The earth offers enough possibilities to help you succeed.

4. Sá Ta Na Ma Yoga Mantra

The Sá Ta Na ma mantra comprises five sounds that cause a lot of transformation when recited. Using the mantra can help you cool down, heal and regain balance in your life.

It is a go-to mantra when you’re unbalanced physically, emotionally, financially. When you perform the mantra it can touch the brain part responsible for habits to form. If you’re consistent with the mantra, it can help you change some habits and behavioral patterns.

5. Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

Om, as mentioned earlier, refers to the recognition for the power of the universe. Meanwhile, Shanti means peace. The mantra Om Shanti Shanti Shanti is a call for a threefold peace in life. 

It is a call for peace in your being (body, speech, and mind). You can also use the mantra to pray for peace in your life, relationships and the entire world. The mantra refers to inner peace which can arise once your mind clears of daily troubles. 

6. Ra Ma Da Sá Say So Hung-The Healing Yoga Mantra

When in a yoga session, you may remember your ill loved ones in a place far away. One of the best things you can do is offer them prayers and wishful thoughts. In that case, you can count on the Ra Ma Da Sá Say So Hung mantra. 

Yoga practitioners have used the mantra since 1973 to send healing power to loved ones far and wide. 

7. Adi Mantra

Yoga sessions can begin with the chant Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo. The chant means I bow to the creative wisdom; I bow to the divine teacher within. Yoga practitioners use the phrase to connect to the self-knowledge within. 

The Adi mantra urges you to open up to your innate wisdom and switch your soul to listen to your inner voice. The role of the mantra is to touch your inner being and dissolve the ego in readiness for more soul healing. Use this mantra to do some powerful yoga for the new year.

8. Bountiful, Blissful, Beautiful

This is a mantra to boost self-esteem and increase confidence levels. It transports the soul to an extreme state of joy and helps you to connect to your spiritual flow.

The bliss mantra also shows the power of positivity to a brain. That is what you say, is what you become! If you say you’re beautiful, blissful and bountiful, that’s what the mind picks.

If you’re fighting self-loathing, shame or pity, the mantra can help you regain your true self. The true you have no room for low self-esteem or low confidence. The true you is remarkable, and that’s the power of the mantra; to give faith, strength, and self-belief. 

9. Soma/ Chandra Mantra

When you seek to gain prosperity and enhance creativity, the soma mantra can help you. Chandra refers to the brightness like the one from the moon. This moon-like brightness can impact your emotions, moods, and psyche.

The soma mantra can help you gain positive energy and overcome obstacles. The mantra generates peace of mind to give you a calm mind, and better physical and emotional health.

10. Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha

The Om Gam is a powerful syllable that calls for the removal of all obstacles ahead. Meditating can help you to understand your internal power to overcome challenges. 

Overcoming obstacles is never easy. Many times you need to think out of the box or shift your perspective to find a way past obstacles. Persisting with the mantra allows you to see the blocks ahead and find the energy to go past them. 

11. Lokah Samastah Sukinoh Bhavantu

When closing your yoga session, you need to be vibrant and energetic. Many times you will hear the yoga teacher say “lokah samastah sukinoh bhavantu”. The mantra is non-religious. It’s an expression of connection to the universe and the surrounding people.

The yoga mantra also reveals your wish to see human beings happy and to use your actions for the freedom of others. 

Ready to Use Yoga Mantras to Change Your Life?

Yoga mantras can help you to focus, achieve your goals and overcome daily challenges. Pick your ideal mantra, practice consistently and eventually you will reach your desires. You will see the best results when you are disciplined in your habits.

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